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Have you ever wondered how the Avengers might've looked during their formative childhood years?

As you may well have seen, artist Mauricio Abril's awesome adolescent Avengers fan art gave us a glimpse of how the all-star squad might've looked in their kindergarten days:

However, in my mind at least, these young pre-pubescent savers of the world wouldn't have had access to their iconic costumes we're familiar with today - they probably would've looked a lot more ordinary...just like any (way-better-than-average-looking) kid.

Scroll down and find out just how cute Nick Fury's super-powered team were in their youth. This is The Avengers: Age of Innocence!

Iron Man / Tony Stark

Check out RDJ's first role as an adorable young boy - who knew the kid who exclaimed "Have any hair on your balls?" would grow up to become the mighty Iron Man...

He was SO adorable...and still is, to be fair.

Steve Rogers / Captain America

The ever-dashing cap charmed his way all through school, no doubt.

Thor Odinson

Thor had been nurturing those golden locks from a young age, and it certainly paid off!

Bruce Banner / Hulk

Hulk's hormones played havoc with his anger rages, especially when he had to take out the garbage.

Natalia Romanova / Black Widow

Born amongst the harsh conditions of Russia, Romanova still retained a good sense of humor growing up.

Check her out in her audition video for Jumanji, she's so little!

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Rocking a truly epic mullet in his early days, Barton found his growing rat tail started to affect his aim...

Nick Fury

Fury: 100% serious, 100% of the time.


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