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There is something comforting about watching a film about a ghost violently haunt a person or an evil spirit cruelly scratch, hurt, and push the living, turning your TV off once the credits roll, turn off the lights, snuggle in bed, and never give it another thought.

For many, the unnerving dwelling of spirits, both evil and benign, continues well into the night.

I recently wrote an article sharing the Creator's stories, your stories, involving ghostly baby monitor situations. I have to admit, I got goosebumps reading them, and I know I wasn't the only one.

You delivered again in the comments section, Moviepilot! With countless stories about demonic hauntings and spirit-sighting, I realized I needed to do another article showcasing even more of your chilling tales.

I apologize ahead of time if you contributed and I wasn't able to tag you. Please excuse those pesky technical difficulties.

Let's face it. We like getting scared and creeping ourselves out. Or is that only me?

You're Not My Daughter

[Emily Nathan LaMattery Garber](user:2909045)

I have a few stories involving "spirits," however the one that will haunt me forever happened around 2009. I was going through a divorce and moved back to my home town with my daughter. My cousin opened her home up to me and my daughter, I started seeing someone after about a two years of being separated, and he stayed the night a few times. One of the nights he was over, our bedroom door was open for some reason, and we heard the toilet flush, the sink turn on, and saw a small white figure bolt down the hall. I thought nothing of it because we had guests from out of town, so I assume in my sleepy stage that it was one of them. In the morning my boyfriend asked me if I had heard and seen what he did. I told him yes and said it was someone there. He asked me who was that small? I remembered that it was the size of a child, and asked everyone of they used the bathroom. No one did. I shrugged it off and tried not to think about it. My cousin decided about a week later that she was going to go on a trip with her friends out of state and that we could stay in her room. My boyfriend stayed with me while my cousin was gone because I didn't want to stay in the house alone. My daughter had gone for the summer to visit her father. A few days after my cousin left, my boyfriend and I were sitting in the bedroom talking when we heard voices coming from one of the other rooms, they started out like children's voices and got very deep and manly. Then we heard laughing. We decided to leave to his house for the night.
We returned the next day only to have more strange things happen. The voices continued, we heard noises coming from the kitchen and other rooms. I was really freaked out, we left the house for about a week. Again, we came back because I had a paper due and wanted to be at home to write it. That night after we fell asleep hearing voices again, I thought I woke up and the bedroom was shaped differently. It had a long hall to the bed. I saw my daughter as a baby crawling to me crying, I closed my eyes and said "this isn't real" then i opened then to see my daughter a little older, waking and crying and calling me. I closed my eyes again and when I opened them I saw her again, older crying telling to pick her up, this went on a few more times, each time she was older and closer to me, until she was right next to the bed and about ten years old, asking me why i wouldn't pick her up. I said because you are not real, my daughter isn't even here! I turned to wake my boyfriend up who just turned his head to me and had the creepiest smile on his face. At that moment I actually woke up, as did he. We heard a lot of loud noises in the kitchen, as if someone was rearranging the furniture. He got up and walked into the kitchen and asked me if I needed to see it, or if I just wanted to leave. I of course needed to see it. I walked into the kitchen to find all the chairs were pushed in backward to the table, except the one my daughter always sat in. That one was pushed to the furthest part of the kitchen. I asked my boyfriend if we could go to his place. At that moment all the gates (all the windows and sliding glass door had rod iron gating on them) began to shake, furiously. Needless to say, we left.
On the way to his house I told him before we woke up, I had a really crazy dream. He told me he did as well. He told me his dream before I told him mine, and it was almost the same (with the exception of my daughter). He thought he woke up in his dream too and tried to wake me up. I also turned my head and smiled creepily, then he woke up. I didn't return until my cousin came back, and I immediately packed up and moved into my grandparents' home. Even telling it years later gives me an upset stomach and my skin crawl. Talk about demonic.

No Longer Bed Bound

[Maylee Strange](user:2572380)

In 2013, I was a CNA working the night shift. I worked in memory care and every hour would do rounds. After I was done doing my rounds I would go into the TV room. While watching TV, I heard footsteps going back and forth upstairs. All the rooms upstairs were vacant at the time except for one. I go upstairs and all the lights to the room and hallway are on. As I get closer to the man's room, I hear loud sobs. When I enter his room he is weeping, pointing at the wall talking to himself in words I don't understand and calling for his wife who had previously passed. I calm him and when I leave his room I have the sickening feeling someone is behind me. I run to the elevator. Scared shitless I call my boyfriend who is already asleep, but tells me he will stay on the phone as long as I need. He falls asleep and I start watching TV again.
I do my rounds and when I come back a resident (patient) is sitting at the table. Her eyes are clouded and she is staring at me smiling. This women is bed bound so I don't know how she got out of bed without assistance. I help her into bed and as I leave her room she starts laughing. I tell my coworkers and we burn sage in the women's room. Then I go home. Later that day I get a call that the man had passed. Needless to say I quit without giving my two week notice and dropped the nursing program. I moved in with my boyfriend so I wasn't living by myself. I started working normal hours at a preschool and going to school to become an elementary teacher. I don't believe in ghosts or the paranormal but that night was a scary night that I wont forget.

We Told You

Liliana Allen

So there was this one time I was staying at a friend's grandparent's house during the summer a few years ago and I had an interesting time. We had decided to have a sleepover while we practiced the song we were going to sing at church camp that year. The day I got there, she and her grandmother warned me about a little ghost girl that would play with my friend's younger cousins whenever they were over. I thought it was an elaborate joke they were telling in an attempt to make me freak out. Well, in short, I laughed. I didn't believe in ghosts. Anyway, my friend and I worked like crazy on our song, and we were doing pretty well on it by the time bed time rolled around for her grandparents. After that, we stayed up and watched Disney movies like the nerdy, teenage girls we were.
Around mid-night, my friend had fallen asleep and everything was turned off, I was the only person awake in the whole house. I was laying on the recliner part of the couch when I heard really heavy footsteps. My friend's grandpa is a moderately big, very tall man, so naturally I thought he was in the kitchen getting a snack or something and I ignored it. That is, until I heard the patter-patter of child's feet walking around the kitchen, too. My friend's cousins were due over the next day, so they weren't there at the time - that was when I knew something was up. I sat up and looked toward the kitchen. There wasn't anything to be seen, even though I could see pretty dang well in that dark house. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped in front of the living room door, right where I was looking. I didn't see anything at all, not even when two muttering voices started talking to each other. I kinda got chills at that point, I mean, I didn't believe in ghosts and yet I was experiencing something a little too paranormal to dismiss as me being sleepy (I was wide awake FYI). Then, the voices stopped and I thought my nightmare was over, that was until I felt a cold chill running from the right side of my face down my right arm and across my lap, like how a little girl would sit up on Santa's knee. I thought I was feeling things and tried to dismiss the thought that this could possibly be the little, ghost girl. Thing was, it didn't end there. Next thing I knew, I was hearing a "Waaah waaah" sound in my right ear. What did I do about it? I froze in a perfect state of panic. Then, I started hearing it in both ears. I tried calling my friend's name, but she didn't hear me and stayed asleep. I don't remember ever being this scared before or since that moment. After about 30 seconds of that nightmare, the creepy little devils left me alone.
Somehow, I fell asleep after that and woke up completely rigid in the same position I had gone to sleep in. I told my friend and her grandmother what had happened and they just laughed. All they could say was "we told you." I have never been so sure that the paranormal exists. I will never deny the existence of things the eye cannot see, and this story is part of the reason. I still don't believe in ghosts, I believe what found me that night a demon. Believe you me, the idea of Casper paying me a visit doesn't phase me, but my experience with "wah wah" back then is not something I'd want again. I'm serious. Someone call Sam and Dean, I have a job for them.

Warning Whispers

Athena Collier

When my brother was a baby, we lived in a 100 year old house that used to belong to a priest. The lights would flicker on and off and my mother would hear endless foot steps up the stairs. When she would see if it was my dad coming home, nothing was there, but the footsteps kept coming. One night, when my brother was sleeping in his crib in his own room, my parents woke up in the middle of the night at the sound of one of his toys singing. When they ran to see what it was, his box of toys was tipped over and the noisy toy was all the way across the room. My brother was only a month old then.
A couple weeks later, my brother started to spit up blood and my mom found it on his sheets in the morning. He took him to the doctor and they said he was healthy. That night my mom woke up and heard someone urgently whispering to her. Then she stood up straight and suddenly knew that there was carbon monoxide poisoning. She grabbed us and ran out of the house. If she hadn't heard the whispers and figured it out, we would have been dead in three days, and so would all of the kids that went to our daycare.

The Ghost of the Residence Hall

Emily Lauterbach

This happened over spring break 2014. I had woken up early, around nine or ten in the morning and decided to see if my friends were up yet. I walk into the lobby of my residence hall and once I saw no one was out there, I decided to turn on the TV. I was out there for a good thirty minutes and still no one had come out. Still watching the TV, I started to hear this tapping noise from behind me. At first I didn't think much of it, but then the noise grew louder. I turned around, but saw nothing and just told myself it was most likely just the vent turning on. I turned back towards the TV and again I heard the tapping sound. This time I walked over to the vent in the front of the lobby, just to prove to myself that it was making the tapping sound. But when I walked over to the vent, I noticed that the vent had not yet been turned on.
So, I started to think it was the vending machine instead, but when I walked over to the vending machine it too had not yet been turned on. Confused, I then walk back over to the TV and waited to see if the sound appeared again. Sure enough, not long after I sat down, the tapping noise returned only much louder than before. I turn around, and then think it's just my friends messing with me and trying to scare me like they did the night before when we were playing hide and go seek tag. So I casually call out, "Guys, knock it off, it's too early for this shit." The tapping continued. I say again even louder, "Guys seriously, I'm trying to watch TV now. Knock that shit off." The tapping starts getting louder and more violent. So finally I stand up and walk over to the front of the lobby and look under every table and even the outside stairway to see if my friends were hiding anywhere. I was puzzled to see that there was no one there and returned to my spot on the couch in front of the TV. I then hear a whistle tune from behind me and it is the same whistle tune that my friend always whistled.
I certain then that it was him playing a joke on me, so I say out loudly, "OK, now I definitely know it's you guys messing with me." I turn around to try and figure out where exactly the tapping and whistle tune was coming from. To my surprise, the tapping sound was coming from the center of one of the large tables in the front of the lobby. I walk over to the table and look underneath to make sure he was not hiding there. Nothing. Starting to get really frustrated and confused I walk back to the couch, still keeping an eye on that front table. As I slowly sit down, the tapping noise appears again and is extremely loud and violent. So violent that I can hear the metallic legs of the tables shaking. I quickly turn around and as I reach for my phone, I hear one of the nearby couches creak as if someone was sitting down. I turn around, but see no one. I'm still looking at the couch while reaching for my phone and keys, and again I hear the same creaking noise even closer. I look at the couch right across from me and can see the cushion seat go down as if someone was sitting there.
My nose then starts to get extremely warm and once I touch it, I then realize that I have a bloody nose. I then feel a cold sweat start to arise and my body begins to tremble almost uncontrollably. I immediately start to panic because I knew that I never get nose bleeds, no matter how stressed or dry my nose gets. I knew then that this was not like any of my other experiences. I rush to the bathroom to wipe my nose, but the second I walk into the bathroom, my nose bleed stops and there is no evidence of there ever being a nose bleed, and the blood that was on my hand was gone. I run back to my room and pace back and forth for about ten or twenty minutes. I then get this feeling that something was off in my room.
I look over at what was to become my new roommate's bed and I noticed that the bed was neatly and tightly made up, which wasn't how I had left it. I frantically unmake the bed to how it was originally and immediately sit down as I could feel a panic attack arising. After about five more minutes, I finally get the courage to go back into the lobby. I open the lobby doors and no more than two seconds of me opening them, the tapping noise starts up again. I quickly close them and take multiple deep breaths. This happens two more times until I open the doors a third time and nothing happened. I immediately ran to the computer lab in the basement of my residence hall and stayed there the whole day.

Mysterious Bruises

Elizabeth Mattson

I have had multiple experiences, but one stands out to me that I'll never forget. It first started when I used to share a room with my sister in the 10th grade. I would sleep on a mattress on the floor next to our wall at night only to find the next morning, my posters on the wall had fallen off. I thought maybe I just didn't put the tacks on right so I shrugged if off, despite it happening everyday. After coming home from school and sitting down all of a sudden my radio turns on by itself. Did I mention that I had the remote next to me when that happened? While turning it down, the stack of CD's I had next to it just flew across the room. Startled me mostly.
During all of this I chose to just brush it off because I didn't wanna feed into what was going on. The next year my older brother moved out so I moved into his room (which is next to the room my sister and I were in). Now mind you my brother already had warned me about the corner of the room where it was unnaturally dark at night. Our oldest dog at the time would bark viciously often. About half way into my 11th year in high school (maybe around October cuz it was close to our homecoming dance) I started having nights where I'd stay up all night. Around the time between 1-3 A.M. I'd start hearing growling or feel someone crawling on my bed. When I did try to sleep I'd have dreams where I'm being strangled by a woman with her hand going through my chest, only to wake up still feeling this pain around my neck and my lungs feeling constricted. Almost like going into a panic attack. I still didn't tell anyone yet because I didn't want to stir any concerns just yet. I brought in my dog to lay in my bed with me just to test my suspicions. Sure enough on the nights I had him my dog would wake me up to a low growl he'd only do when he felt someone was a threat. I remember seeing my dogs' fangs out and in a stance ready to attack towards to the corner of the room where it was darkest.
Days later I was asleep in my room (without my dog) stirring around to get comfy when suddenly this cold chill goes up my right hand that was out of the covers. I opened my eyes briefly to see this young pale man with a white t-shirt standing next to my bed and holding onto my hand. Too tired to really care, I brought my hand back in and fell back asleep. Maybe two or three days after that night several bruisings appeared on the same hand that boy held me in the shape of fingertips. Finally having enough, I told my parents and they had a medium come to help. Needless to say, my family still hear footsteps, cabinets opening and closing, someone tapping on doors, people whispering, or hear my children's toys going off at night. Thankfully no one else has had anything bad happen to them ever since. I'm just glad to not stay in that room anymore.

I have felt a breeze hear an there, heard strange screams in the middle of the night, as well as woken up to a loud tapping noise coming from my computer table. These stories, however, are so much more intense than my experiences.

I'm praying I don't wake up at 3 AM, feeling as if someone is staring at me in the darkness of my room as a deep cold chill hits my face. No thank you.


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