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I'm writing this theory for the Moviepilot contest where we have to make an origin theory, so here it is.

Gotham City

It's around 20h00 so it's dinner time. The man sits with his family at the table after a really bad day working on a armed bank robbery. Even so he tries to look happy to his wife and daughter, because their everything to him, and he knows he can talk to his wife later.

"So honey, how was school?" He said, smiling at her.

"It was good daddy. The teacher asked me to ask you if we're gonna make a birthday party for me there."

He looks at his wife, and only with their eyes they both agree. Oh how they know eachother.

"Sure, honey. How about monday, hm? We can help prepare everything, over there."

"Thanks dad." She smiles.


A few hours later he's daughter is already asleep and he's liyng on the bed with his wife watching tv.

"So, how was work?" She asks.

"Another bank robbery. One dead."

"One dead is better than all of them. I know you did what was best for everyone over there, okay? When are you gonna start blaiming yourself, for what others do. Your not a superheroe you know?"

"I..." He stops talking. He sees he's daughter at the door.

"I had a nightmare, daddy." She is still rubbing her eyes, from the sleep.

"Come here, sweety. Lay with us." She get's between her parents and looks at him.

"Are you okay daddy?" He tries to smile at her. "Why so serious?"

He laughs and hugs her. She's only 8 years old and understands he's every mood.

"You know honey. Sometimes... we have bad days. There's no denying it, but what matters is, what we do after those bad days. What we do to have a good day the next day."

"Then, what are you gonna do tomorrow, daddy?"

"Well, first of, i'm gonna give you a big kiss and a hug. Then i'm gonna drop you at school. Then when i get home and you and mum are making dinner, i'm gonna give you both a little surprise. How about that, hm? A surprise for eachone of you." She makes a huge smile, and he's wife looks at him, wondering what it could be. "But first of all you gotta sleep right, princess?"

"Okay, daddy"

She hugs him and he kisses her forehead, but she doesn't move from there.

"I meant sleep in your room."

"I know daddy."

"Just for tonight, it's okay right honey?" His wife asks him. He smiles and holds her daughter tight. This is the time of his life.

The next morning he does what he usually does. Kisses his wife, wakes his daughter, and makes breakfast for everyone. After that he takes his daughter to school, and goes of to work. It was a calm day, this day. He got out of the car and went to a ring store. He was gonna propose that night. In front of he's daughter, and he would bring her something she always wanted, a magic kit. It brought a hat, a wand, scarves and cards, and other things. The best night ever. He had been saving for almost two years, and he felt like it was finnaly time to do it. He bought the ring and waited for his shift to be over. Around five in the afternoon, he got a call in his hand-held radio.

"Attencion all units. There was a hit and run in the Main road to Wayne Enterprise. It was a truck and he smashed a car and then he ran. We're in his pursuit! Someone go see about the people in the car, looks like there we're two female people there. The fireman and ambulance are coming."

"Okay sarge, i'm going, i'm right around the corner."

When he get's there there's already two police cars there, and he see's that the smashed car is on fire.

"It's a women and a girl." the other cop screams. "HELP!!!"

He get's on the ground and looks at the window and see's there's no escape. The car it's turned upside down and it's smashed, they will not fit the windows, and their both upside down, so it just makes it harder.

"What kind of truck does this?" He thinks to himself. " Okay calm down sweety." He says to the little girl and then he looks at her. It's his daughter. " Oh my god. Elizabeth!!! Calm down honey we're gonna get you out of here, okay? I'm here."

"Daddy i'm scared!" She can't stop crying. "Daddy, mommy isn't talking to me, she's asleep."

"It's okay, baby were gonna get you out, okay? I'm gonna get you out." He got up and tryied to pull the door. Rip it of. But he wasnt strong enough. "NO!! No, no, no. Help! Somebody."

The fireman got there, and brought an axe.

"Get out sir, we'll take them out."

"Please hurry, that's my wife and daughter."

The fireman looks at him in the eyes, and nods.

He get's down again and starts distracting he's daughter.

"Hello honey. I have your surprise here for you. Wanna know what it is? "

"Daddy... i'm scared.."

"I know honey. Look, your gonna be okay alright, their taking you out. I love you so mutch, your gonna be okay, alright?"

"I love you to dad... And what about mommy?"

"She will to. In a few hours were gonna be making dinner. And you know what i'm gonna do at dinner?"


"I'm gonna give her this." He hands her the ring. Suddently the car starts making more smoke. A fireman holds him and pushes him away from the car, five seconds later the car blows.

"Noooooooo!!!" He runs into the car. "No!! Oh my god, put the fire out! Now!!!"

The fireman start to put the fire out. He's crying on the floor and another cop holds him. "It's okay. I'm here." the man says. He looks up, to the car on flames, and doesn't hear screams, or see anything moving.

Their dead... their .. dead.

When the fire is out, he looks inside. He right away stops looking. Their completly burned. He falls on his knees, and stays there still. So many things in his head. So many memories from the past. The past he'll never have again. He then thinks of what he's daughter would say if she saw him like that:

"Why so serious, daddy? I like to see you smile, daddy... Don't be sad,daddy... I love you, daddy..."

He screams and cries, and let's it all out.


A few days later, it's the funeral. Dozens of cops are there to support him. He looks at the coffins, and puts a rose on top of both. He then puts the ring, that was still in his daughters hand after the fire, on the top of his wifes coffin and then he grabs a deck of cards and looks for one in particular. He finds the card. The Joker. His daughter loved cards, and when she tried magic tricks with them, she would always use the Joker. It was her favorite card. Because there we're just two cards of those in each pack, wich made them unique. He puts the card on top of the coffin. He doesn't give the order to put the coffins down. He's not ready to be separeted from them. Not yet. It's too soon.

"I'm sorry, my loves. I'm so... so sorry." He says touching each coffin.

A few minutes later they are both under the earth.


Later that night, he's in the bathroom washing he's face.

"Why so serious? "Someone whispered.

He turns around and looks, but no one's there. He searches his house but he see's no one. Then he lays on the bed where he should be with his bride to be, laying, talking, laughing, making love. Have another baby, a bigger house, take their daughter to Disneyland, put her in a great college.

"Why so serious?" Someone said louder this time.

"Who the fuck is there?" He screams. These isn't funny.

"Ahahahahah" A really creepy laugh is hear, real loud.

"Who are you?" He asks, afraid and at the same time wishing it was a murderer to end his misery. " WHO ARE YOU?"

"I'm you."

"Why can't i see you? Where are you?"

"Look in the mirror."

He wen't back to the bathroom and he looked at himself.

"So? It's just me. Your not here."

The voice didn't respond back.

He tought of getting a doctor to help him, but if he told anyone he heard voices he would be considered crazy. And he's not crazy. Is he?

He lays on the bed again, and falls asleep in seconds.


Now he had nothing to do, so he decided to go back to work, even though he's boss told him, he should take a few months off. But what would he do? He had no one now.

"Do you need someone to talk to?" He's boss asked.

"No, sir. Hmm.. do you have any leads on who caused the accident and how he escaped all those cops?

"Not yet. We're working on it."

"Okay, thanks. I'm gonna patrol now."

He entered his car and he started doing his job. Looking for criminals. When he passed through a rough neighborhood, the voice came back again.

"Stop the car." He stoped and froze.

"Who are you?"

"I already told you, my friend. I'm you."

"What do you want?"


"Then why...?"

"The question... is what do YOU want? To find your girlfriend and your daughters killer or to just go around town, and be in the nervous wreck your in right now? I can help you do something about it. I can make them suffer. I am your best friend right now. Your choise."

"Sorry i..."

"Look in the fucking mirror!!" He looked in the mirror and when he looked at himself he didn't see he's face. He saw a man painted in white, with eyes painted in black. " Hello, my friend. Here i am."

"What are you? For real."

"I'm a product of your head. You created me. And i want to return that favor. You see where we stoped? It's a gang hiding as you know."

"Yes. What about them?"

"You want to find who killed your daughter? Hire them. For a good amount of money they will work for you. And you have a lot of money saved don't you?"

"That's my daughter's money for college and..."

"Oh sure, and she will do a great use with it now, right? Alright, if you don't want to do this, then i'm not needed here am i?"

"Wait... i'll do it."

"Good choise. For now let's go. What's your favorite dressing color?"


It's night already. He's in the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror. He doesn't see himself anymore. Just that white faced man. Himself as it appears.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." He puts gloves on his hands and he starts dying his hair... green.

"See the change? Your not the same man anymore."

After he's done he looks at his hair and smiles.

"That's the spirit"

Then he grabbed white and black paint and painted he's face white and his eyes black.

"Why so serious" He heard a girl say.

He looks to the ground thinking.

"Why so serious, daddy? I like to see you smile daddy."

"STOP!!" He screamed.

He runs to the kitchen, grabs a kitchen knife and goes back to the bathroom mirror. He looks at himself, and puts the knife in the corner of his mouth. And starts pressing. Making a line going up, and while doing this he started laughing.

"See honey? I'm smiling. I'm smiling!!" He screams and cries and laughs at the same time, but doesn't stop the cut. Hes face became red from blood, but he didn't stop laughing. "Now i won't stop smiling, i promise, just for you honey, just for you."

When he finishes cutting both sides of his face he looks in the mirror at his bloody face and he calms down. Then he disinfected the wound and covered with bandages. Lucky his wife was a nurse.


Two months later now fully dressed and painted, including a new painting. He painted his smile scar, red, upon the white paint. Now he was again at the door of the hiding of the gang.

He knocks. Someone opens the door, and looks at him.

"What you want, freak?"

"I'm not a freak. I wanna talk to your boss. I think we can make good use of eachother."

The gangster closes the door and returns five minutes later. He opens the door to let him pass.

"Thank you" He smiles ironically.

They check him for guns and sharp things, but he had nothing. He continues down the hall and then there's a room. The room is full of people, all armed, and one of them is sitting down and he points at the chair in front of him.

"What you want? This is no circus." The others laugh.

"Acctually it kind of does look like a circus. See there... that's a gorila, that guy... that over there, must be an elephant, look at his face."

"Shut up. Now you listen to me, if you come here to make fun of us you bet your dead you hear me? Who are you? A cop?" The man spoke really angry.

"Would a cop dress like this? No, i'm no cop. I despise cops. I came here to help you... helping me. I need a service from you guys, and i'll pay you, quite well i must say, and if that goes well i'll hire you to a bigger job. It involves the mob... and their cash."

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm.. . The Joker." The other man starts laughing.

"Alright, what you want us to do?"

"Find a man, who i'm dying to see."


Later that month the man was found dead with a smile drawn on his face in red.

The mob started getting constant robberies.

And then he meets Batman for the first time.


Hope it wasn't to boring :\


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