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With a majority of these, I was either was incredibly disgusted, had to close my eyes after a few seconds, or I couldn't even take my eyes away from the oddities laid out in front of me.

If you're slightly off like me, and enjoy a good scare here and there, take a look. I dare you to check these out with the lights off tonight.

Stranger in My Bed

Who is that and more did they get there?

Did Anybody Else Just Throw Up a Little?

I can smell the putrid stench of this teddy bear through the computer screen.

Why Would Anybody?!

I don't want to know where this person got those teeth in the first place, and the other part of me does want to know.

Plastic Stare

I can't tell if this person is real or not. But that eerie smile is too Stepford-wife for my taste.

Just No!

How does that even happen? Ouchhhhhhh!

I Hope That's Just Convincing Makeup

I'm sure that's just makeup, but it still makes me squirm uncomfortably.

Just Like the Exorcist

Your body isn't supposed to do that. Yet I can't stop watching.

Subtle, but Still Creepy and Uncomfortable

The lack of personal space is what creeps me out more than anything. I've never seen a Gif get that close.

Not Sure Who Is More Horrific

Why do I have the feeling that the scary lady is dead and the doll is alive?

Human Combustion

Imagine just lounging on your couch, reading a newspaper, and drinking a cup of tea, when your body explodes out of nowhere. And then, poof! You're gone, except for your legs. I wish there was an explanation for these occurrences.

Art to Liven Up Your Home

I enjoy dark and shocking artwork, but I wouldn't want to pass this on my way to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

And This Is Just Chilling, Period

And there you have it, folks. Now be careful when you walk through your house alone in the dark. You never know what eerie and strange phenomenon is waiting around the corner.

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