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(Note, potential Captain America: Civil War SPOILERS lie below...)

Now, with rumors currently flying about just what we'll see happen in next summer's Captain America: Civil War, it's about time we got some slightly more solid information about the movie, especially since the movie's set to start shooting any day now.

In well-timed news for our respective sanity's, then, it seems that yet another Marvel hero (with several, including Hawkeye, Iron Man and Falcon, having already been officially confirmed) WILL be appearing in Civil War - at least according to the latest (typically very reliable) report from Deadline.

That hero?

Agent 13, a.k.a. Emily Van Camp, a.k.a. 'Kate,' a.k.a. (almost certainly) Sharon Carter

A.k.a. that awesome agent from Winter Soldier...
A.k.a. that awesome agent from Winter Soldier...

Yup, that's right - according to Deadline, Emily Van Camp will be reprising her Captain America: The Winter Soldier role as Agent 13 in the upcoming Civil War, though her part in the story-line is apparently still being kept very much under wraps.

The character's return, though, might well just tell us a whole lot about what we can expect to see in the upcoming movie. After all:

There's Every Reason to Believe That Agent 13 is Sharon Carter

Otherwise known as Cap's long-term love interest in the comics, as well as one of the bad-ass-est of bad-ass S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the Marvel comic-book universe.

Now, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier didn't technically reveal Agent 13 to be Sharon Carter, I can't have been the only fan who audibly whooped when her codename was revealed - since that's the code-name the comic-book Carter is also known by.

So, if VanCamp likely is playing Sharon Carter:

What Does That Mean For Her Role in Civil War?

Well, for one thing, it suggests that Cap may well have another ally in the movie - it's difficult to believe that Sharon, who clearly admires Cap, and is almost certainly related to Peggy Carter, would end up on Tony Stark's side by the end of the movie.

That being said, of course, it also seems unlikely that - as a S.H.I.E.LD. agent - she wouldn't start the movie on the government's side. A potential mole, perhaps, not-unlike her role in the comics?


What Would Sharon's Presence Mean For THAT Rumor?

Specifically, the one suggesting that - much like in the comic-book Civil War - Steve Rogers is going to get killed, and Bucky'll take over as Cap.

Well, seeing as in the comics, Sharon Carter's the one who kills him, it's certainly a whole lot more likely if she's in the movie. Of course, the chances of us seeing the original Civil War story-line play out as it did on the page seem fairly small, so the killing of Cap by Sharon - which was, of course, while under the mind-controlling influence of the already introduced (in Agent Carter) Doctor Faustus - may or may not make the cut.

After all, if Chris Evans decides he's happy to keep playing Cap for the foreseeable future, there's every reason to believe we'll continue to see him do just that...or will we?

What do you think?


Will Sharon Carter kill Cap in Captain America: Civil War?

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