ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

For the most part, I watch an animated Disney picture, and I become incredibly engrossed in the plot, the characters, and the emotion of it.

It doesn't matter if the story follows a deer, a mermaid, a Native American, genie, or so forth, I feel the humanity within the character and find myself connecting in a very unexpected way. Disney has the ability to flawlessly execute their films, looking effortless and like amazing works of art.

What we don't realize is the all the brainstorming, drafts, ideas, and effort that goes into these films, that eventually creates the final product we watch on our screens at home and in theaters. How many of these facts did you know?

Could you imagine how different some of our favorite stories might have been if Elsa was a malicious villain? If a film followed both Ariel and Hercules as their families interacted with each other?

I can't even picture any of that. For now, I feel at peace with the final products that Disney has graciously gifted us. And I ask that they keep them coming.

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