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As individuals they're outstanding, as a team they're a force, but what would happen if we merged the core members of The Avengers together to form a super-concentrated team of unstoppable ass-kickers? Well, I can't be 100% sure, but I imagine it would probably be amazing, and there would definitely be post-victory shawarma involved.

While the idea of an unstoppable force of merged superheroes is still fresh in your mind, check out these pictures of a 3-man, 1-woman blended squad and see if you could imagine these new superheroes defending earth:


With the brain of both Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, the power of the Hulk and the techology of the Ironman suit (along with a healthy dose of Tony Stark's cockiness), Hulkman would be an even more unstoppable force than either of these two superheroes on their own. I mean imagine all of this wrapped into one:

It could potentially be a a dangerous combination, but that aside, is anyone else totally imagining how hilarious the Hulk wearing a huge Ironman suit would be?!

Quick Hawk

Between Quicksilver moving and thinking at crazy speeds, and Hawkeye's incredible marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills, Quick Hawk would be one hell of a challenge to come up against!

Captain Thor

Captain Thor - what a superhero to behold! With Thor's power and strength and Cap's tactical knowledge and martial arts knowhow, Captain Thor would be a nightmare for anyone daring to come up against this blended team of superheroes.

Scarlett Widow

Scarlett Witch's mutant powers combined with Black Widow's world class athleticism and quick healing make the Scarlett Widow one formidable fighter.


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