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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are two of the busiest guys in Hollywood these days after knocking the initially dubious prospect of a Lego Movie out of the park and making two of the funniest and subversive comedies in recent memory with 21 and 22 Jump Street. While they are currently being courted to help out with DC's The Flash movie as well as the male Ghostbusters reboot - the two are still happy to confirm that they're still at work on continuing the crazy 21 Jump Street world they've created with Jonah Hill's Schmidt and Channing Tatum's Jenko.

Jenko & Schmidt + Agent J & Agent K?

One of the most bizarre items to spring forth from the Sony hack of last year was the news that 23 Jump Street could see a merging of that world with the Men In Black franchise. This idea was confirmed as a possibility by the directors in an interview with MTV - with Phil Lord rightfully pointing out that they only consider ideas that sound terrible on paper. We'll have to wait and see if this could idea will manifest itself as the central premise of 23 Jump Street or if it will turn out to be a third-wall breaking cameo that this series has become known for - perhaps as a way to reinvigorate the struggling Men In Black series.

Taking a Cue From Ghostbusters

One thing is clear, Sony wants to keep their franchises alive and well - as evidenced by their plans with Ghostbusters. Their intention to make both a male and female expanded universe with this property is being echoed in their intentions with the 21 Jump Street franchise as well. Sony recently announced that the masterminds behind the great series Broad City are being put to work to come up with a female spin on the buddy comedy idea of 21 Jump Street. Indeed, it seems like we probably aren't far away from Women In Black being announced.

Are the Broad City ladies the next Jenko & Schmidt?
Are the Broad City ladies the next Jenko & Schmidt?

Lord and Miller have made any and all of these ideas practically foolproof with what they've accomplished in 21 and 22 Jump Street. By first making fun of the entire premise of turning an old TV show into a movie and then ridiculing the idea of making sequels and turning it into a franchise opens the door to any number of more ridiculous ideas simply being more fodder for what has basically become a satire on the way Hollywood works nowadays. It really is a thing of brilliance.

23 or 44 Jump Street? Keeping the Joke Alive

In most recent 23 Jump Street news, Topless Robot got a big scoop about how extreme this sequel may go when Phil Lord confirmed that the 20 sequels that were zoomed through at the end of 22 Jump Street will not be ignored when the next movie comes around.

"We've found a way that we love that makes those imagined sequels canonical and yet does something that we haven't told you about yet. The sequels are canon."

So does this mean that 23 Jump Street could turn out to be 44 Jump Street - taking place after the events of Mariachi School but before the insanity of 2121 Jump Street's space adventure? Those string of sequels that were briefly glimpsed during the final credits of 22 Jump Street were a thing of beauty and it is good news to know that they won't be ignored - and it also opens the door for characters that popped up in those bits - like Bill Hader and Anna Faris - to actually, just maybe, show up in the next movie.

What do you think? What's your favorite 23 Jump Street idea? Do you think there's any possibility a Men In Black crossover could work? Have they taken the franchise as far as it can go? Can Lord & Miller defy expectations once again? Take your Jump Street ideas to comments section!


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