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There's always remained a special place in my lycanthrope-partial heart for a good old fashioned werewolf movie. The gruesomely tactile practical effects of films like American Werewolf in London kickstarted my love for the genre in the first place, so I couldn't be happier to hear that the gloriously lurid horror classic The Howling - famed for its monstrous visual effects - is getting a brand new remake!

The recently formed production company Emaji Entertainment has plans to resurrect the silver-bullet stricken franchise, which first appeared on screens back in 1981.

Despite it being so old, one particularly terrifying scene from The Howling still remains fresh in my mind. Check out the incredible werewolf transformation below, but be warned - it features some toe-curlingly grisly practical effects.

They don't make 'em like they used to! Let's hope the remake won't overly lean on a CGI crutch.

For those who haven't seen it, the original movie followed a television news anchor who's sent to a remote mountain village, when things begin to get a little Van Helsing.

It was a box office hit and ended up spawning a shit-ton of follow ups, from Howling II all the way up to VI, with New Moon Rising and The Howling: Reborn rounding out the full moon related hi-jinks. None of them were particularly good, so let's hope this remake will do The Howling the justice it deserves!

[Source: BloodyDisgusting]


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