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Ryan Reynold's Deadpool movie and Channing Tatum's Gambit movie are shaping up to be our best look at what kind of future Fox has planned for the X-Men universe after Bryan Singer finishes his retconning with X-Men Apocalypse. Even though Deadpool is seeing a release before X-Men Apocalypse, the superhero and mutant overlord at Fox, Simon Kinberg has reassured fans that Deadpool and Gambit are indeed part of the shared universe and aren't standing out there one their own, unaffected by what's going on in the X-Men movies. In fact, there's still the distinct possibility that Channing Tatum's Gambit could be making his first appearance in X-Men Apocalypse.

Can Deadpool Predict the Future?

One bit of recent Deadpool casting has me wondering if the Deadpool movie may be making some references to what will transpire in X-Men Apocalypse, or what the mutant world will be looking like after Bryan Singer is done with it. Negasonic Teenage Warhead isn't the first choice anyone would have in mind for being featured in a Deadpool movie or any movie at all for that matter. Sure, she's a teenaged girl, which may have some reason as to why she's in the movie, but it might be more about her specific set of skills as to why this particular mutant is appearing.

Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage Warhead on set.
Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage Warhead on set.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has a very reduced Emma Frost or Jean Grey type of mutant power. She's primarily a precog mutant with some telepathy powers who can sense when really, really bad things are about to happen - like maybe when an alternate reality event is about to come crashing into her universe and completely shake things up. Like say, something along the lines of what happened in Days of Future Past or what is about to transpire in X-Men Apocalypse? I might be spinning some far fetched yarn here but this character wasn't in the early draft of the Deadpool script so there has to be some reason why she's showing up now. Right?

The Perfect Spot for a Gambit

Whether or not Deadpool makes a direct connection to X-Men Apocalypse or if Apocalypse ends up featuring Gambit at all before the house lights come up - these movies are no doubt intending or at least hoping to be carrying the X-Men torch into the future and possibly laying the groundwork for what will transpire in this universe.

Gambit is in the best position to bring audiences into the new world order of Fox's mutant universe after the events of X-Men Apocalypse. Unlike the current state of the DC movie universe, there's the reassuring presence of Simon Kinberg behind all of these movies and there's hope that he wasn't just talking sideways when he talks about the shared universe. Even though he isn't undertaking the script writing for Gambit, it would seem like a wasted opportunity not to use this movie as a way to bring audiences back to the present day and reveal the state of the mutant world as it stands after the 1983 set Apocalypse.

Looking Past Gambit & Deadpool

The biggest mystery is what Fox has planned for July 13, 2018 - a placeholder they've set for themselves. Right now it looks like it could be one of three things - a sequel to Deadpool, or to Gambit, or a relaunch of the X-Men franchise. Right now it seems like Fox is playing a waiting game to see how Deadpool & Gambit perform at the box office and what kind of scorched Earth Bryan Singer and X-Men Apocalypse is leaving behind.

Could Deadpool & Gambit get in the X-Force lineup?
Could Deadpool & Gambit get in the X-Force lineup?

No matter what, it looks like there's going to be a lot of starting from scratch when it comes to the X-Men and mutant universe after X-Men Apocalypse. While the movie is introducing, or re-introducing, a massive cast of mutants - the 1983 setting pretty much ensures that these actors won't be showing up in a movie set in the present-day. Outside of Colossus, Deadpool looks like it is keeping the mutant line-up pretty small and focused on the Weapon X program, Gambit has the ability to introduce a good number of possible X-Men, or X-Force candidates.

X-Force would seem to me the best way for these two movies to go. With X-Men Apocalypse teasing more and more about the Celestial Ship - the debut of Cable seems like it could be right around the corner. And with Deadpool, Gambit and that time traveling nut Cable, you have a strong beginning to a cinematic X-Force lineup. Psylocke is making an introduction in Apocalypse - you could easily throw a Domino in Gambit and you'd be pretty much all set for an X-Force movie to take up residence in that 2018 spot.

What do you think? How best could Deadpool and Gambit set the stage for the next big movie in the X-Men universe? X-Force, X-Factor, an X-Men reboot? Let us know your vision of the future of the Fox Marvel movies in the comments below!


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