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Before you get into this article, you should know that I love this film. It's probably my favorite Marvel movie yet. But there are somethings, in my opinion, that would've made it better.

1. Ultron Justifying His Ideals

He'll tear you apart from the inside
He'll tear you apart from the inside

Think about how interesting this would've been; Ultron broadcasts himself anywhere and everywhere across the globe he possibly can. He speaks to the people of the world about how the Tony Stark is responsible for his birth sentience, and how he plans on wiping out mankind for the world's own benefit. After this, the world is thrown into complete chaos by the news. We see a few scenes of riots and anti-Avengers related things showing the world turning against its defenders and rioting in fear. With all of the global disorder, Ultron could have made his case to The Avengers about how easy it is for humans to cause destruction and disorder. It would've made his plans and intentions significantly more understandable and made humankind look as Ultron said they would.

2. A Slower Evolution of Ultron

Ultimate Ultron
Ultimate Ultron

Ultron was already Ultron Prime by the time he met the twins in Slovakia early in the film. That's pretty quick considering he left Avengers Tower, made his way to Strucker's Castle, and then immediately built himself a form he'd use a majority of the movie. Ultron should've had at least five forms instead of three and could've occurred and could've been destroyed in the following order.

*Note* In the film, Ultron was destroyed first by Thor, then by Iron Man, and then by Scarlet Witch. Some of the following are made up for the purpose of more Ultron forms.

  • Ultron-1: At Avengers Towers, destroyed by Thor
  • Ultron-2: At the African Shipyard, destroyed by Tony Stark
  • Ultron-3: In Seoul, South Korea, destroyed by Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
  • Ultron-4: In Slovakia, destroyed by Iron Man, Thor, and Vision
  • Ultron-5: In Slovakia, destroyed by Scarlet Witch

3. Team Combos

Super Soldier and God of Thunder
Super Soldier and God of Thunder

We've seen Earth's Mightiest Heroes use their powers together multiple times, like;

  • Iron Man firing a beam at Captain America's shield
  • Thor smashing his hammer against his shield
  • Thor using Captain America's shield as a baseball
  • Iron Man, Thor, and Vision all firing at Ultron at the same time

But that's pretty much the only ones that come to mind. We don't see them use their powers together as often. It definitely something that can be done.

EX: Thor throws his hammer directly at Captain America's shield, deflecting it at other enemies.

The point I'm trying to make is knowing you allies' strengths, it'd be the best idea to learn how to use together as a unit more. Not only would it make sense for the story, but it could've made for some of the movie's best moments.

4. More Iron Man

The Best Avenger IMO
The Best Avenger IMO

Now before you say anything, let me explain. I'll admit it, Iron Man is my favorite superhero of ALL TIME. But that's not the reason I believe he should've had more screen time. He should've had not only had more screen time action-wise, but also another story arc. For one of the two people responsible for creating a murder bot (quoting Bruce Banner), he doesn't seem as guilty as he should feel throughout the film. By the end, everything seems happy even though Tony, one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, almost caused the extinction of mankind. No one seems to be pissed at him for some odd reason.

Action-wise, he fought at Strucker's Castle, then briefly in the shipyard against Ultron, then Hulk. After that, he didn't do much until the third act came around. When the big finale came, Iron Man was stuck most of the time flying around Slovakia trying to figure out how to bring down the flying city. Not that I have an issue with him dealing with this important matter, but he just felt very absent from the finale. I would've liked to see more of his suits' new abilities instead of just his repulsor blasts.

5. More of a Civil War Setup

Captain America: Civil War Concept Art
Captain America: Civil War Concept Art

The feud on whether or not to let J.A.R.V.I.S take over as the Vision was an excellent way to help setup '[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)'. But I personally thought the setup could've been a bit longer and a bit more intense.

When news came out months ago about Captain America forming a new team, I expected it to be due to the destruction 'Age of Ultron' caused. Not that I have an issue with the ending, but I was hoping for a bit more of a somewhat broken friendship between him and Stark. They could have still formed the New Avengers, however still showed Tony and Steve's friendship on its breaking point before Marvel's first Phase 3 Movie.


So that there's what I think Age of Ultron should have had..

Also can you think of any other missed opportunities. I'd love to hear them in the comments below.


Do you agree with me or not?


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