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" Do I look like I am Joking ?"

On the occasion of the new Joker's revelation (Jared Leto), I wanted to make a kind of reminder of the previous jokers with this creation. Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, two true cinematic legends for such a role.

This is a creation that I really enjoyed doing. My bests (vilains) characters reunited. Two different styles, physics, and wardrobes. So similar and different in the same way. One is colored while the other is dark and many other little things.

The idea was to combine the two characters looking at two different directions; to the left (the past) and to the right (the future). All this surrounded by a cloud of poison. Green and purple are mainly present in this poster because those are the first colors which came into my mind when I think about the joker.

I hope you enjoyed this creation guys!

If you want to see more : my portfolio or my behance account.

PS : I'm french so maybe few errors embedded themselves in this article, sorry for this!


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