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Shady El-laithy

I'm a big fan of Batman, and I always wondered, what will it would be like if Bruce Wayne had a son who went on to be the new Batman? That's when I got the idea to make a new Son of Batman!

Note: I know that some fans will tell me that Bruce already has a son (Damian Wayne) but he hasn't become Batman... yet.

Development Stages

Firstly, I started blocking the main body in ZBrush using Dynamesh. Then, I started working on each body part separately...

After finishing, I merged those parts together and started working on the cape. First I wanted to work on a different kind of wings, like this:

But the feedback I got was negative so I started to work on the final, more traditional cape...

Finalizing the Son of Batman

I exported my mesh to 3D Max and started rendering using V-ray Engine.

After a while I thought, Hey, why don't we give the bat a face?

So, I modeled a face and put him on the streets of Gotham. I wonder what he'll do to the thugs...

I really hope you enjoyed this mini making-of! You can see more on my Behance page.


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