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1948 New York,on a Bright beautiful Christmas Eve,stand two little orphan staring through a window of a family having their lovely Christmas Eve dinner with their loved ones...wondering how it might be to have these kind of love,stood there on a cold winter long as they can remember,They grew up on these dark alley,feed on what they earn working as hard labors at the age of 15 and 13,they don't know love nor the meaning of it..while it's a Christmas Eve,Mario and Luigi decided to treat them self with some ice cream. Mario checked on his half torn pocket and all that he left with is a few penny,both of them looked each other sadly couldn't have the rest that they were hoping for... As both Mario and Luigi walk along the alley watching the city that never sleeps glitters with happiness and laughter all the way,people singing jingle bells and corralling..Luigi told his brother that " i wish we could have be like them too " . Mario replied " likewise little brother "

Out of nowhere suddenly there were a sound of flipping coins,both Mario and Luigi turns immediately as they hear a very weak tone saying " surprise " . In the dark corner both of these terrified little boys saw a shadow stood up and approach them. " Please don't hurt us Mister,what do you want " says Luigi with a very shocked tone . " don't worry my little ones,I'm not going to harm you both " says the man in the shadow. As the man pointing his finger towards them and says "come with me and your dream shall be true " . Both of the boys looks each other with a face filled with millions question and curiosity. "You boys need to help this old man with something and I shall reward you with what you've dream to be " . " Ok mister " says Luigi happily . " Good,now both of you follow me...quietly ".

The shadow man brings both Mario and Luigi inside a sewer located not too far from the alley. "Please be seated both of you and follow my instruction " says the man. Mario was not so determined with the man in the shadow but Luigi was so excited. "Now I'm going to ask both of you to solve a puzzle,this is a magical puzzle board and it will reward those who solved it " says the man . " why should we trust you mister " says Mario. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,hears a very loud horrified laugh from the man in the shadow and he said " If you want to live your life for a good purpose and help an old man like me,please do solve the puzzle and you will be blessed " . Luigi started to solve it as the puzzle named Donkey Kong and the plumber !!!. As the holy night passes by with cold snowy wind,exactly on midnight,when the 12th bell goes off,something strange happened. Mario and Luigi were covered by some very thick electrifying cloud where it started to appear on top of the boys. Luigi realized that the old man in the shadow disappear and both Mario and Luigi got sick up on the puzzle board. " Luigi,are you ok,wake up wake up " shouted Mario . As Luigi gain consciousness both of the brothers realized that they got theirselves in the game and has become the plumber,Mario donned an Italian style red colour costume and Luigi in green !! . These strange place is full with colorful mushrooms,which is a favorite for both of the brothers. Mario and Luigi both of them walked around the place and found a very big castle on a hill top. As both of them don't know where and what to do,suddenly there were a very loud sound of roar from distance follows by the footstep sound,both of them scared and tried to hide behind one if the mushrooms. " What is that! " shouted Luigi as Donkey Kong stood up right in front of the boys. Aaaaarrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!! Screamed the foul creature as both of the hands bring the chest. Frightened and terrified the brothers started to run and as they run Mario found a hammer made out of steel below s big yellow spotted mushroom. Donkey kong was after them and at that point of time both Mario and Luigi realized that they got sucks up in the puzzle board game some how and they have to survive it!!!

This is is the origin of Mario and Luigi of my version

Thank you

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