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Rob Harris

Gender bending fan art has taken off like wildfire recently, but I've yet to come across some as awesomely bizarre and strangely alluring as these chromosome swapping superheroes.

The immensely talented DeviantArtist circusmayer has produced some terrific anime-style artwork that reminds me of Marvel's kick-ass, original Avengers animation starring Black Widow & Punisher:

Pretty rad, huh? Well, that's nothing compared to these guy / gals (I'm so confused!)

Lady Liberty

She's gonna need a bigger shield to protect that kind of mid-section.

Toni Stark

I love Iron Woman's grizzled mechanic look!

Bruce Ban-Her

We've all seen She-Hulk before, but this sexy green machine is on another whole level.

Lady Loki and Thor-ess

The brothers of Asgard are looking positively dashing in their alter-gender ensembles.

Miss H. Eye

Though she might look like a Final Fantasy protagonist, Miss Eye is a deadly shot with her bow.

Black Widower

Just like the female version, but with 3 more buttons undone and a cigarette. Men, eh?

[Source: circusmayer]


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