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The CinemaSins YouTube team has put together a fairly compelling argument that pits The Avengers and Masters of the Universe against each other, declaring that the two have a striking resemblance. The narration is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it's good. Something tells me this was a lot of fun to make.

Whether or not you agree, you should give this a look, as it is spot-on at parts. Now, personally, I am more of an Avengers guy, but is there a little bit of a lack of originality here?

See for yourself... "24 Reasons Avengers & Masters of the Universe Are the Same Movie":

I've gotta say, the video has some good points and some pretty impressive pacing. So, I picked out the 10 best points that they made that tie these two movies together, in order...

1. Both movies start off with narration about a powerful evil army

2. They both have portals to Earth, in order to advance the story so that we don't have to stay in space throughout the entirety of both films

3. Both movies have an Eye Patch Guy... I have to say I'm leaning towards Nick Fury's on this one, to be honest

4. Both movies have a guy with a really sick weapon that lights up and makes them extremely bad-ass, almost singlehandedly

5. This happens in a lot of movies... but in this case, we have it. The British accent bad guy!

6. There were several points about Loki and Skeletor that put them in a similar box, but this was probably the best in my opinion...

7. We've got a weakest link who gets hypnotized in both films, gives away valuable secrets

8. The army that bad guy has been bragging about finally appears through a worm hole thingy

9. Cops actually don't suck for once in a disaster movie... and help to secure the perimeter in both

10. Both movies have after-credit scenes that suggest more sequels

I love the way this guy talks. Whether you agree with these points is beside the point. It's pretty hilarious that a movie made in 1987 and a movie made in 2012 are so similar.

(Via: CinemaSins YouTube channel)


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