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Now, thus far, DC's forthcoming super-villain team-up extravaganza, Suicide Squad, has managed to generate about 300% more positive online buzz than many commentators believed possible way back when the movie was announced. After all, the prospect - a team few non-fans had heard of, without Batman - wasn't exactly the most obvious online sensation anyone had ever heard of.

And then the awesome started.

First, Suicide Squad began to cast a string of accomplished and award-winning actors for the movie's leading roles, before following it up with the inevitably fan-pleasing announcement that The Joker would be playing a key role in the movie, and then a whole string of (potentially red-herring-filled) pictures of the cast that practically flooded everyone's Facebook feed.

And now?

Now It Looks Like Suicide Squad Might Be Setting Up a Classic DC Hero

Specifically, that one, up above.

A.k.a. Hawkman, a classic member of DC's Justice Society and, later, Justice League. Having appeared in several different forms, the hero is most associated with his original form, that of the (very much human) Carter Hall, as well as the later rebooting of the character in the form of the (very much alien) Thanagarian, Katar Hol.

Whichever form the DC Cinematic Universe has plans for, though, it's certainly starting to look as though they do indeed have some.

Y'see, during a recent behind-the-scenes look at Suicide Squad:

THIS Was (Seemingly Inadvertently) Revealed

The important thing about that cop car?

It's from Midway City.

Which, in the DC comic-book universe, is the town patrolled by Hawkman, and his regular partner, Hawkgirl.

Which, it seems, suggests that the DC Cinematic Universe is beginning the gradual process of slowly introducing yet another classic hero into the movies. Sadly, there's no suggestion as of yet that we'll actually see Hawkman on the big screen in Suicide Squad (though here's hoping...), but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

Y'know, either that, or we're going to see the (also often Midway City-dwelling) Doom Patrol...

...but that might be a little too much to hope for...

What do you think, though?



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