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Shady El-laithy

Believe it or not, I wasn't a big fan of Captain America before the MCU. After they introduced him in the Marvel movies, well, lets just say I started to read every issue of marvel comics - especially ones related to Captain America and Iron Man.

By this point, I wondered how cool it would be if those kids lived at the same time. I mean, isn't Cap old enough to be Tony's father? If they did co-operate on Steve Rogers' suit using Tony's great technological mind... how great would Cap's suit be?

Well, let's see...!

How I did it:

I started out using Zbrush with a sphere to block the main body.

After that, I started sketching the armor with the clay build up brush.

Once I was satisfied with this, I used zsphere to retouch Cap's armor.

After this, it was time to paint the main armor in zbrush.

The Final Image

I exported my model to 3d max for shading and rendering. Then, I used vray for rendering!

tony cover me ...... now .... plz
tony cover me ...... now .... plz

After the rendering was complete, I used photoshop for retouching and finalizing my artwork. Check it out!

And that's it! For more artwork please check my behance portfolio


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