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The fan base for the combined worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney are enormous. Therefore, our wonderful Kingdom Hearts is going to have an inordinate degree of pressure placed upon it to dazzle countless fans, while balancing the focus of these two entertainment giants. People are going to be disappointed - there will be a lot of worlds and characters that we adore that won't be anywhere in Kingdom Hearts 3.

But for the love of God, Square Enix, if you have any power what so ever, can you please put Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts 3? I mean, look how well these characters look next to each other in this beautiful fan drawing by Nevamyne Bloodvixen on Zero Chan. Big Hero 6 is infused with Japanese inspiration, therefore its very setting would be a match made in heaven on the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3!

Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts 3
Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 & Big Hero 6 Together On Release Date

I know that this is insanely controversial, but I'd honestly pick the presence of Big Hero 6 over Frozen. I feel as if the characters from this film deserve to be in Kingdom Hearts 3 - ideally with their own world. The modern depiction of San Francisco, combined with the madness of Tokyo was beautiful! It's the kind of city that you could have seen Square Enix design themselves and I'd love to interact with all of its wonders playing as Sora.

Disney have obviously known about Big Hero 6 for years and have been in constant communication with Square Enix throughout the development of Kingdom Hearts 3. Therefore, could they have foretold how well the setting of this wonderful film would have melded into the world of Kingdom Hearts? It's a great push for the game and the film at the same time and I sincerely hope that Disney had the idea of promoting the film within the game!

Could we see Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3 too?
Could we see Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3 too?

Do You Want A Big Hero 6 World With All of its Characters More Than Worlds Like Frozen?

But what about you fans? Were you captivated by the majestic nature of Big Hero 6? Do you think its too farfetched an idea to think it could appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 for its release date on the XBOX One and PS4? Let us know what you'd like to have as a world in the comments below!


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