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Its what everyone's buzzing around this morning its a picture of how the Joker got his tattoos but first a little back story on the subject! We first got our look at the Joker a couple of weeks ago and Harley a week ago. I was not impressed by either of them as i stated in previous articles. The problem with the Joker was he look too much like a cosplayer twist on the clown prince of crime. Harley as well looked like someone was like you know what I'm gonna be that new Harley for my first time portraying the character. I think it was my fault hyping myself to believe we would be getting the classical animated series Joker and Harley or at least Arkham Asylum versions.

I've almost come to terms with both character being a different spin from what were used to. The only question I have though is why does the Joker have all those tattoos? It was my main concern not that i have a problem with tattoos but as to why he would have those tattoos and by who? It seems those questions have been answered today and its something i didn't expect at all.

There it is for all of you wondering what The Joker's underwear looks like! Im just kidding no but really there it is your explanation as to why the Joker has all those tattoos that are just weird. It makes perfect sense for them to have been placed there by someone as psychotic as Harley. I mean the duo is pretty much the most mentally unstable couple if you even want to call them a couple. The picture was tweeted by DCLiveFeed which you can see below.

Its clearly fan art but i do like the concept of this and makes me accept Leto's Suicide Squad joker a little more. I hope we get to see more of Harley and Joker pretty soon because that's the thing i want to see the most out of this movie.

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