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My close friend one day was lying under the tree one day, he was looking at his brand new phone. So me being the friend I am went over and asked him what he was doing, the conversation drifted a little. But when I got to the question so what you been up to. He said playing with his new friend. I had figured he meant his phone. So about a week or two later I talk to him again and he is playing on the teeter totter alone, so I figured he might want a friend to play with. So I toddle on over and step on the other end when it goes down. I try to sit down but he throws a fit and says "no he doesn't like new people" so I was like dang man, fine play with yourself. Fast forward about three weeks and me and old Johnny doe, were the best of friends playing at his birthday party, when I see someone in his room(he didn't like anyone in his room) and I pointed out. He said at probably just dai. I didn't think of it much, being about 8 and high off cake and Mountain Dew by sundown I was ready to crash. So we went up to his room and went on about our business. I shared a bed with my friend and we slept fine. Until a little later in the night I have to go to the bathroom. On my way back I notice the door is wide open, I was very silent and shut the door for absolutely no reason besides I didn't want to disturb people and being a ninja tip toeing in my Jordan's, it just seemed the best way to go. I turn the corner to enter the room and I see a dense shadow over my friends bed and he's just sitting there talking to it saying "I know but he's my friend" and "okay you can have him" about that time I had already soiled myself and started crying and his parents were forced to take me home.

2. The grand finale

One day freshman year of highschool, and I was bored in class as any freshman would be. I was just a snoozing away when I woke up and nobody was in my class room. I look all over but the lights were off, the blinds were down and there was a horrible smell in the air. I pulled up the blinds and seen my. Classmates hanging from a burning tree outside, I was scared shitless and ran outside into the hallway. It was littered with bodies and a rolling head, was just rolling around on the floor towards me. I dropped to my knees and felt like I was getting stabbed in the chest. Until the bell rang for the next class and I was just sitting in my desk crying.

3. A message, that can't be read

One day a man was walking down the street, on his way home. He waved at Betty sue, tommy, kaitlinn, and even Jeff. (This was obviously a very white neighborhood.) but when he passed his house a girl was sitting out the window waving at him so he waved back. Not noticing it was his house and kept walking. When he got to the next house he realized he had went to far and simply walked back not giving a second thought about it.

He came In slipped off his shoes, got comfortable on his couch and started watching television. when he went up and started his shower he heard Giggling down the hall, the man immediately went to check it out. He checked room after room and even checked downstairs to see if he could find it. He ruled this out as just his imagination playing tricks on him. In the shower he's humming along to a song he heard on the radio, having a good time. When a slightly feminine voice starts humming as well but quiet enough to where he though his voice was just fading out. He thought no mind of it. Later that night while he lays in his bed ready to count sheep, a pebble hits his window. It's the girl from earlier. She waves him down and he comes down to greet her, she talks for a while outside and he invites her in. She flirts for a while and they hit it off, so after a while he offerS to give her a tour of the house. He goes through the basics and winds up at his room (surprise surprise) she says to him "that's where we should be" and they get freakier than a redneck 50 shades of grey. During the sex scene he looks her in the eyes for the first time, her eyes looked odd, almost feline and her teeth were sharper than normal but hey when your tapping It like wwe you don't think of what her eyes look like. He goes and sits on the couch and she writes him a note sits it on the counter and leaves him with a blown kiss halfway out te door. The next day he reads the note, but it's in a foreign language so he takes it to his professor. The professor looks at him shocks and tells him the note says "The Lord waits for his second pleasure"


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