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Gone home is a 'story exploitation' game in which you play in first person view as Kaitlin Greenbriar; a 21-year-old girl who has just come back home from a yearlong trip around Europe. Upon entering, she finds that her home is empty and a note from her sister (Sam) telling her that she is sorry and not to go searching for answers (but we know that's not gonna happen, heh). Most of the game is searching for clues; finding out about your Mum and Dad's failing relationship, your spooky Uncle's past and most of all Sam's 'forbidden' relationship. However this is not a review for the game but an insight into how I thought it should have ended.

Throughout the game there is this eerie, mysterious atmosphere - like something around the corner is about to jump out at you, but never does. This tone is a great build up for something sinister to shock you right at the end. Unfortunately though, that never happens. We get stuck with and ending which, in my opinion, just flops. It just kinda happens which is never good when you have such a fantastic build up for something more, something better!

I believe that Gone home should have ended with Kaitlin going upstairs to the attic to find Sam and her lover (Lonnie) dead, holding hands and looking content. A crumpled up note would be in Sam's hand with the words 'Sorry. I love you.' in - a final message to the family. An open bottle of pills would be left on the side indicating that that's the way they took their lives (sorta like Romeo and Juliet). This would have fit into the 'forbidden love' theme of the game rather then the unrealistic and generic 'running away together' scenario. Moreover, it would have made the ending follow through with the pressures faced on both of the girls; for Sam it was her parents telling her not to hang out with people like Lonnie and that being a lesbian is just a "phase", for Lonnie it's being shipped out to Army training and the hardships that come with that. This would have been a subtle reason why they took their lives as being together was all they wanted, however all they saw was everything was stopping them.

This is purely based on my opinion alone so feel free to suggest other ways that you think this game could have ended. I would really love to hear your thoughts on this.
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