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Tim Kelley

My proposal is for a limited Release 12 issue Run of a Comic that could also very well fit as a single feature film.

Eden stands as the pinnacle of civilization where Toronto once was. In 2021 after what is now known to be several years of planning; terrorist finally succeeded in bringing western civilization to a grinding halt. The details are sketchy at best but what is known for sure is that terrorists had been putting Sleeper Cells into cities all over the world waiting for the day that they would receive their “signal”. Each sleeper cell knew only of the existence of other cells but nothing further than that. On September 11th 2021 on the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 Attack on New York city each cell received their signal.

With three prototype nuclear weapons procured from the North Korean government and funded by the Several private Terrorist and Ultra-nationalist organizations worldwide, WWCLA (World Wide Coalition Liberation Army) was able to detonate the weapons in the lower troposphere over different locations in the world. Each missile had a two hundred megaton yield and as one was detonated over Europe, one over the southern US and one over Hong Kong, it caused a worldwide EMP wave that disabled every electronic device that was turned on at the time of the flash. With that sign in place the sleeper cells began to spread dissent and chaos to the cities; rioting, looting, the cells began car bombing and kidnapping then executing government officials. Within a week the world itself had reverted to a barren wasteland, law and order was gone, whole cities lay in ruins with citizens fighting between themselves for any scrap they could find.

One man Jason Lamy a 22 year old CEO of a small software company called Synersys in Toronto decided to try and capitalize on the world and form a new type of government. With the Canadian government totally out of commission and the people scared to even leave their homes there was not much left of the once great city. He founded Eden which began as a small community of people who had once been employees of Synersys. The idea was that the community was governed as a corporation where in place of Members of Parliment there was a Board of Directors and the people living in the community each had to buy in to become shareholders. Government Divisions were ran as separate divisions of the company and functioned as one to build revenue and keep the company out of debt. With the few electronic devices that were left still working, and a little word of mouth advertising people started showing up at the downtown headquarters of Eden, which took over the building that had once been First Canadian Place. Anyone who wanted to partake in the Eden project was subsequently charged money to buy shares in the corporation. Within 2 years Eden became the city government and owned all of the real estate in what was once downtown Toronto. Small groups of people decide that they did not want to be governed and moved to outlying areas of the city. Eventually the word spread far and wide and people in other cities began doing the same thing it seemed the world was coming back into its own once again. Plants began production again of vehicles and computers; though the technology was a little different the items remained relatively the same.

Eden Corporation began buying all of the other Corporations, the companies defense division was contracted as the police force and soon law and order was coming back to every place in North America. At 49 years old Jason Lamy accomplished what no other person in human history had ever been able to do. With the last corporate entity being bought on August 19th 2048 Eden became a one world order with offices in every major city-center with very few dissidents on the outlying areas.Earth was re-branded as Eden and the people prospered. Where it was once thought that Capitalism was finished, now it was the basis by which every life in the world lived by. Jason Lamy had succeeded where no other could but when you have absolute power the fear of losing that power will make a person do rash and unpredicatble things. In 2065 that fear was realized for Jason Lamy. And that is where the story of Eden truly begins.

In 2075 Lee Ashe a former computer hacker is now the head of network security for Cloud 9 Industries a satellite and telecommunications company that is in the process of performing a hostile takeover of the Eden Corporation. Lee is approached by a mysterious individual named Welles who wants him to use his computer infiltration skills to access defunct computer databases to gai him access to the worlds nuclear weapon stores.

Lee's Life Spirals out of control as he is caught between 3 groups vying for control of Eden and the fate of the entire planet rests on him.


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