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If you haven't heard, today Universal and Nintendo announced that Universal Resorts will now feature a Nintendo-themed section of the park. Universal goers and Nintendo die-hards have been thoroughly excited with the recent news, but the biggest question is how much of the Nintendo franchise the theme park will actually adapt into attractions?

The partnership could range anywhere from a few measly games set up at a street-side booth to a Video Game Vegas. To put it simply, the way to pull off this addition to the park would be through the best rides and attractions Nintendo can offer. Without any further introduction, I present the top 8 Nintendo attractions Universal NEEDS to make!

Mario Kart Track Races

Perhaps the most exciting plausible attraction would have to be having actual Mario Kart racing. At first sounds, it might just sound like another go-kart racing track. However, with a track in a classic Mario location, and technological potential, this could end up being a lot more fun.

Imagine a mini-screen on the karts that, when you pass a certain location on the tracks, it gives you an item like the mystery blocks in the game. By using the item, you could make your kart go faster, all the other karts go slower, make other karts lose their item, or even target the kart in the lead next time they pass a sync location on the tracks. Revolutionary kart racing idea, am I right?

Luigi's Mansion

Imagine walking up the the eerie Luigi's Haunted Mansion ride and hopping into a cart for two people, with two vacuum-shaped guns and a laser pointer on them. Going through the ride, you spot ghosts which you can shoot down if you can keep your laser pointer on them for a certain period of time, and you get points for each ghost, essentially competing against whoever you brought along in the seat next to you. Should they be tech-savvy with the ride, they could even have Oculus Rift-esque headsets which you have to wear in order to see the ghosts. Wouldn't that be sweet?!

Peach's Mushroom Castle

Sometimes it feels like a park isn't complete without a grand iconic landmark. What is DisneyWorld without Cinderella's castle, or Universal without Hogwarts, or NintendoLand without Peach's Castle. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom's Castle should definitely be an attraction, and who knows? Perhaps the Mario Kart tracks would go nicely inside the palace!

Delfino Plaza

Delfino Plaza is a location on Smash Bros for brawling, as well as Mario and Peach's vacation getaway on the game Super Mario Sunshine. Who doesn't want to go on the same vacation Mario goes on? The Plaza could feature tons of gift shops with all the best nintendo merchandise (including the currently HUGE amiibos which seem to sell out quicker than zhu-zhu pets), restaurants, and feature some graffiti M's from the evil paint Mario that could become a picture-taking scavenger hunt that'll earn you some reward for finding them all (like the Kim Possible hunt in Epcot). Classy, right? Since Delfino Plaza backs up to a volcano, you could even include a Donkey Kong themed ride there! Which brings us to our next attraction idea...

Donkey Kong Mine Shafts

Many Donkey Kong games through the years have featured mine carts where one controls the karts' jumps to avoid dangers and collect bananas. For a ride, imagine connecting six of these mine carts together and sending them down a roller coaster track inside the volcano behind Delfino Plaza: genius right? It's making me go a little bananas just thinking about the potential.


I probably wouldn't feel anywhere near as much loyalty to Nintendo if it weren't for Pokemon. Fortunately, many nintendo fans have felt the same way too, as Pokemon games have always been top sellers on every handheld Nintendo device. Whether they created a digital scavenger hunt, or a Safari Zone, or a Pokemon Pinball arcade, it really doesn't matter. What does matter is that we need a Pokemon ride in our lives. In fact, Nintendo had a traveling Pokemon theme park known as PokePark that has appeared only twice, which included a legendary pokemon merry-go-round, flying Pikachu bros ride, Pokeball ferris wheel, a Rayquaza roller coaster and more. I say I would drive down to Universal simply for one Pokemon-related ride alone, who's with me?

Wario's WaterPark

Another track from Mario Kart, the Wario themed Waterpark would make for an amazing kiddo attraction as well as for some fun soaking wet rides. Sometimes being out in the sun in Orlando, you just need something to help cool you off, and you're on vacation. Wario with his smug grin need to be found somewhere after all, right?

Legend of Zelda: Hyrulean Hills

The image above of the "Lost Woods Tavern" was an April Fools joke made earlier this year, which was said to be included in Universal. Oddly enough, Universal had absolutely no correlation with Nintendo before today, yet this concept was done specifically for a Universal attraction. Could this have actually been an April Fools joke come true? I sure hope so, because I see the Deku Tree in the back, and this concept is quite stunning.

Do you have any theme park attraction ideas related to Nintendo? COMMENT and share your idea!


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