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We all know that Hogwarts was essentially a dating service as well as a school. Other than Bill and Fleur, between Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny, and Lily and James, it feels like most magical married couples must have met during their years in the castle.

As it turns out, the set of the Harry Potter films might have been just as romantic as the fictional castle. Earlier today it was pointed out that, based on their social media accounts, Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Robbie Jarvis (young James Potter) are dating in real life!

And, perhaps in more important news, they have an adorable cat together. Let's take a little gander at 12 of the young Harry Potter actors adorable, "aww"-worthy photos that will make you believe in the magic of Harry Potter and the awesomeness of Evanna Lynch both on and offscreen.

*If you already knew this, my apologies. Still, I hope you enjoy these pictures of them being cute with cats.

1. They celebrate birthdays with sweet posts

Happy 29th Birthday to this little babe!! @awildrobbieattacks sweetest boy! Off to see a show together :) #happybirthdayrobbie

2. They geek out together

Best Opening Night goodluck card ever courtesy of @msevylynch's artistic stylings! #Goodluck

3. They share a love of Evanna's feline friend, Puff

Happy Love Day to my little loves @awildrobbieattacks & Lil Puff thanks for being sweet babes and for putting up with all my shit.

I'm not entirely convinced that Puff isn't part Kneazle.

4. They all spend time together, even when they can't

A wise cat knows that a sure way of getting her human's attention is to drape its fluffy lil self across a) her laptop b) her boyf. A VERY wise cat does both. @awildrobbieattacks

5. Puff is obviously the object of all their remaining affection

Miss my girls a lot this weekend. &Fuz

6. Puff is even included in their TBTs

Whenever I am down, this picture to when Lil Puff was tiny and would use @awildrobbieattacks as a noble steed.

7. They workout together

From the top of Runyon Canyon. &Fuz

8. They have the sweetest arguments (also very animal-centric)

When a loved one cannot see the smile in fluffy, smiley animals, you show them where the damn smile is. @awildrobbieattacks #smiles

9. They even weathered through the iPhone/Andriod emoji debate like champs

That tragic moment @awildrobbieattacks and I discovered that the updated emoji people's hair colours don't translate between iPhones/samsungs and a vital relationship cornerstone collapsed!! I didn't realize how much I considered my boyf. Who is this rude intruder ?!

10. They're not afraid to dress up


11. Or be a little silly with some face paint

12. But they're still an exceptionally handsome pair!

Today is a happy day!

What do you think of this dynamic Harry Potter duo? From what we can tell, the two have been together for at least a year, and it looks like the magic is still alive and well between them. Talk about relationship goals.

Congrats and Potterhead high fives all around!

(Via: Evanna Lynch Instagram, Robbie Jarvis Instagram, Buzzfeed)


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