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So...After the last Gotham episode I watched, I started to think about the aspects of the show. There are things that work really well in the show and others that definitely don't! I came up with some ideas that can make Gotham a better show!

Use Less Batman Villains and More Legacy Characters!

Am I the guy that says... "You're ruining Batman's Rogue gallery." No! However, the show seems to be all over the place, and the Batman things are not helping entirely. This show should really be about how terrible a place Gotham is and how Jim Gordon want to change it around. The best moments of the show aren't always Batman related things... in fact... Batman stuff is kind of holding back the show (Redhood Gang was cool though).

Too Many Teasers!

I think there are teasers to characters that are definitely on the nose. Ivy Pepper, which should be Pamela Isla or Selina Kyle calling herself Cat, for example. I didn't need to see Bruce "testing" himself. Things happen so fast in the show that there isn't much time to build something.

Keep Focus!

Again... The show is all over the place at times! With the Wayne murders, Ridder, Penguin, and all this other stuff, it lacks direction.

Too Much Selina Kyle And Bruce Wayne!

Well one thing is certain... This show needs less Bruce and Selina (ironically). One of the less interesting aspects of the show is the Wayne fiasco! First off, Bruce and Selina show up too much on the show and that takes away from other characters who NEED to be there! Plus, Bruce and Selina shouldn't interact with each other more than they needed too. And also, it's kind of random...

Wasted Potential!

Yeah, a lot of it! I'm going to start off with Fish Mooney/Selina Kyle team up!

I could understand why Fish Mooney would be a person to rally people together, but come on... THIS WAS OUT OF NO WHERE! Mooney isn't a well received character (something can sound good on paper, but doesn't always translate well on screen). Anyway, if you want to have Selina team up with Fish, OR have any interaction... give it a mentor type of role. Children should be lost and when they are... the adults give them guidance!

Let's go to Don Maroni!

He is in fact wasted potential. Basically, he ain't coming back for Gotham season 2. If Don Maroni is the "worse option" for Gotham, GIVE ME THE WORSE OPTION! Seriously, imagine Gotham ran by Maroni! This guy is known for being worse than Falcone and would bring Gotham into chaos! Now, there are certain characters that do have potential.

Yup, there are pretty good performance on the show (especially Penguin), but Baraba has a potential to be a villain and doesn't have to be a Batman villain! The Ogre arc was actually good. Also, Commissioner Loeb is a great villain!

STILL WITH ME? GOOD! This is important!

If there's one thing that should've stayed, it's this...


Yeah, that's right. They should've stayed alive for season 1! Remember what Falcone said? Paraphrase!

"The Waynes and I were the Pillars of Gotham"

Why not show us a gloomy city, but display that it can fall apart any second. Give me a little stucture, just a little bit. The Waynes want to make Gotham better place and so does Falcone, but they both have to different ways of doing it. GIVE ME THE PILLARS!

Hope you're still with me!

Season 1: Gotham is a gloomy place, but the Waynes want to make a difference and set an example for their son. The Gang wars are still happening and Jim Gordon wants to change all of that. End of the season - Falcone leaves Gotham and Waynes are killed, giving Maroni control of the city.

Season 2: Crime is at an all time high and Commissioner Loeb let's Maroni reign over the city. Jim Gordon along with Harvey and other cops fight back. Jim breaks it off with Babara.

Season 3: After taking down Maroni, Loeb is next on Gordon's list. Loeb finds a way to involve him with the Ogre (let it play out exactly how it did). Then, literally a war between the GCPD (Gordon vs Loeb).

Season 4: Gotham seems a lot better. After Loeb defeated, however, Gordon is now being taunted by Babara, threatens to kill his current girlfriend. Babara is now playing mind games. Also, there is a conspiracy in Wayne Industries and Bruce wants to find out about what's happening.

Conclusion: That's it. Only a taste of the direction. These all sound good in theory and personally, I think they could have worked. Some of it can still be salvage. I left out a few things like Fish Mooney and Selina relationship (mentor type of thing) or Penguin. I wanted to see Thomas and Martha Wayne still alive for season 1. If they lay off some of the Batman villains and focused on the things that were already there, maybe it would be MUCH BETTER!

What do you think? Is Gotham a fail or can it still pick itself up? Leave a comment! Remember to Like my Facebook and Share!


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