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I don't know about you but I love a good movie about mental illness and insanity. Could be because I am both mentally ill and blooming insane (and loving it) or it could just be because the subject has always made me curious, like what's insane and what's normal? And as a movie buff, I tend to gravitate to thought provoking movies so here are my personal favorites.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I did a full-on article about this movie and it's absolute genius in every way. So this teen Charlie has schizophrenia, and it's about how he survives teenage-hood including school, friends, love and all that jazz. It's brilliant because it's so realistic and for those who don't understand mental illness, this is a good one to watch to educate yourselves on teenage mental health. It's full of witty one-liners and inspirational quotes so definitely a must watch! Also a pretty damn good soundtrack... just saying.


This one's a cracker and will completely change your outlook on life, if I do say so myself. So this guy Henry is a (depressed) substitute teacher who also cares for his grandfather whom has dementia, whilst still grieving the loss of his mother. He keeps a journal as he shares his inner most thoughts whilst he meets some very influential women, a prostitute whom he kind of saves, another teacher and a young emotionally unstable student whom he also tries to help. It's good because it brings up so many social issues, both inspiring and thought provoking. Another life changer!

Stonehearst Asylum

Oh my gosh, well, it's probably the most recent movie I've watched on the subject but damn it's amazing and was completely underrated by IMDb in my opinion. It's about a mental health graduate doctor who goes to learn about the treatment of mental health patients at the spooky Stonehearst Asylum. Here, his entire opinion on the treatment and reality of these patients changes; but little does he know the asylum has a secret. It's absolutely fantastic as it completely turns the reality of mental health patients and there treatment on its head. If you love a movie with a lot of plot twists then this is the one for you.

Silver Linings Playbook

Now this is the story of two individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses and how they help each other recover from recent breakdowns. It's absolutely beautiful, not only does it give the watcher a real insight into the mental illnesses themselves and their inspirational recovery, it's gives us a good look into the effects it has on the people around them which is of equal importance. Just go watch it now, it's an education.

Shutter Island

This is an absolute BEAUTY. Teddy (Dicaprio) is a detective who investigates the escape of an inmate of the dreaded asylum/prison for the criminally insane. It's a jaw dropper let's put it like that. A fantastic plot twist at the end of this one that you really don't see coming for a long time. It's a bit more on the thriller side of things with great acting on behalf of Mr Di Caprio. When you watch it, make sure you really pay attention to the little details, if you miss a bit, you miss a lot.

Remember Me

Alas, here we have the tale of two star crossed lovers Tyler and Ally who connect over the deaths of close family members. Tyler shows an emotional instability early on in the movie which I feel continue's throughout the movie to it's tragic end. This is a tear jerker in all honesty, so make sure you've got your kleenex to hand. Its an intimate story, full of raw emotion and thought provoking ideas. One to watch if you want an emotional release.

That's my list so far. I hope you enjoyed, do comment your opinions on the movies and recommend new ones for me too watch!!! Please like&share&follow for more!! Have a crackin day!




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