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Ok, so you may be wondering what 'Wondering' is. Well, it is my attempt to try to answer different questions that I and others have been asking. The question today is, "Will DC ever catch up to Marvel?"

It's one of the most talked about things between superhero fans, and everyone has their own opinionated answer. Literally everyone. This question has even led to heated arguments and debates, even here on the marvelous world of Moviepilot. In order to answer that question(and end a lot of arguments, hopefully), I will try to stop the 'Wondering'.

The people at Warner Bros and DC are trying the best they can to deliver what everyone wants, great films within a DCCU. And so far, they've been doing a great job. Most people are totally on board with what DC is doing; I know I am! But(I'm sorry but there is a 'but') there are some people that are hesitant. DC does have things that are being done differently than what Marvel has done, which is just fine. So, here are what some(not me) consider downfalls:

Not in the DCCU, unfortunately
Not in the DCCU, unfortunately

- The television shows and the films are not connected. This means that, if the DCCU uses the Barry Allen Flash, it could cause some problems. It wouldn't cause problems for comic book readers and hard core fans, but it could confuse those casual fans who don't read the comics. Remember, this is if they use the Barry Allen Flash in the DCCU.

- My brother worries that this Joker won't appeal to some people. Now, I know some of you will go straight to the comments section to say, "It was already revealed that he won't have all those tattoos." I know that, I even talked with my brother about it, but he doesn't want the Joker to have any tattoos. I don't know why, but he hates the Joker with tats. So, on the small chance that my brother is right, it could make Suicide Squad, an already not as well known group as other groups, a failure. Remember, this is not my opinion, But it is my brothers.

Now, my answer: I think DC will catch up to Marvel, eventually. Having a movie with Batman and Superman together really helps to make the other DCCU films more successful. So, quality wise, DC could catch up very, very quickly, but quantity wise, it will take longer to get it up to the same point Marvel is at. I think that, if DC goes on with their risks carefully, their risks will work out the same way Marvel's risks has worked out. And Suicide Squad and Joker will do alright , I think, even though Suicide Squad isn't as well known as Justice League or other DC teams.

But please, tell me your opinion on this matter. But please, no bashing each other. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


Will DC ever catch up to Marvel?


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