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If there was ever an epic for our time, it is HBO's Game of Thrones. The scale, the vastness, the sheer breadth of this world is beyond measure; beyond comparison. From the massive battles, to the most private conversations, GoT has it all. One of the greatest feats of this show is the numerous characters. You practically need an encyclopaedia just to remember the main characters' names; let alone all the side, minor, brief characters littered throughout the show. You might also want a pronunciation guide... some names can be rather tricky.

Not only are there hundreds of characters, but they are all individually developed with their own motivations and idiosyncrasies. George R. R. Martin has not only created a highly realistic world, but he has populated it with relatable, multidimensional, and lovable people (as well as characters deserving extreme hate). Entire fanbases revolve around even the smallest of side characters. However, lots of fans are disappointed in the disappearance or unresolved ending to many characters. With every fantastic conclusion to a story, there seems to be a few characters who just slip under the radar, not to be heard from again. In this article I will list a few beloved characters who should return to the show. I will also outline possible ways to bring these characters back and other people who may come along with them.

No one is reading this to hear me ramble, they just want to hear my choices. So let's get started!

By the way, this will only be about the show. Not the books.

1) Rickon Stark

This one is fairly obvious. Every book reader and show watcher is wondering what happened to the youngest of the Stark clan. The last we saw him in the show, he, Osha, and Shaggy Dog were heading deep into "Stark Loyalist Territories" after Bran and Co. were heading over the wall. It was a heartbreaking departure that gave us really the only insight into Rickon's character. Despite being a young child, we are all still wondering where on earth he ended up. On set rumors say that Natalia Tena (Osha) has been seen in Belfast which leads to people believing they will be returning in season 6.

What's great about the possible return of Rickon is that we'll finally get some idea of what he's been up to in the last 2 years. The books and the show are so different so I don't think he'll be on Skagos or wherever. The best way to bring him into the show is this new "North Remembers" storyline that's rumored to be the emphasis of the next season. We can get one more direwolf back on the show not to mention one of my personal favorites, GreatJon Umber. Despite being imprisoned in the books, he could reappear still in the north on the show. Just one more reason to bring young Rickon back.

2) Benjen Stark

Having Benjen Stark back is a no-brainer. He's been the center of mystery and confusion since the very first season. Book readers have been theorizing over him for years. In case you're just a casual show watcher, Benjen is the younger brother of Eddard Stark and First Ranger in the Night's Watch. He goes missing in the very beginning on a ranging mission up north. No one really knows what happened to him after that. In the Season 5 finale, we got a little bit of a tease that he would return but sadly, that really was more of a knife to the heart... ha ha... too soon? Sorry.

With the show's focus slowly moving more and more north, we might be able to get some kind of resolution to his disappearance. The impressive arrival of The Night's King at Hardhome only goes to show that we will finally be learning more about mythology beyond The Wall. Hopefully, as we see more White Walkers next season, we might see one more living Stark.

3) Beric Dondarrion

The Brotherhood Without Banners and all it entails really excites me. Not only do I love Beric Dondarrion as his stubbornness towards death, but I also just love the whole idea of a "Westorosi Robin Hood". He is a fantastic character and all of his "merry men" are just as interesting. Anguy would be great to see back with his sharp shooting. Thoros of Myr's reappearance could be exactly what we need as we, the fans, stress over the death of Jon Snow. His personality and powers are both something we need a little more of in the show. However, the real season I want to see him back is what all fans want... Lady Stoneheart. If you don't want anything spoiled, skip to the next character. The rest of you:

Lady Stoneheart is the reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark after The Red Wedding. She was brought back by Beric, who gave up his life in order to resurrect her. She lives on with only one purpose, revenge upon those who wronged her family. We need to have this fantastic character brought onto the show, especially with all the dissatisfaction over the latest season.

4) Blackfish Tully

Brynden Tully is one of those loose ends, just as Beric, that is answered in the books. We show watchers however, have no idea what happens to him. He says he has to pee, goes outside, and we never hear a whisper of him again. Blackfish is a great, likable character who really could bring some focus back to the Riverlands. In the show, we kind of forget that The Riverlands are still overrun by war and pillaging. No one wants the despicable Freys as their leaders so there is a lot of in-fighting.

Bringing the oldest surviving Tully back would fill the gaps in the narrative so far. We hear a lot about the North, a lot about King's Landing, and too much about Dorne (if you ask me). But the center of the country has been left to itself. We could hear about the Greyjoy raids, civil unrest, and even a certain Gravedigger.

5) Gendry

C'mon, who didn't think this was number one? EVERYONE is wondering what happened to the most well-known bastard of King Robert. The last we saw him, he was just paddling off to Neverland. I mean, being on the run is a dangerous thing and he wouldn't want to show himself. But still, the audience needs to know where he went. He was such an important part of the first and second season, but by the third, he was nowhere to be seen. If you're fighting for the throne, wouldn't the last (according to books) blood descendent of Robert Baratheon be kind of a big deal?

By answering people's questions about Gendry, we could see the inner working of the criminal underground. Or just some nice countryside. Even if he's not physically present or doesn't add to the plot in an extreme way, some exposition could finally give the multitudes of fans some closure.

So, what do you think? Who needs to be brought back to the show in season 6? These were just my personal favorites but there are plenty of characters who somewhat vanished. If you disagree with my choices, tell me in the comments who you would have chosen. Either way, hope you enjoyed this!


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