ByBrad Dee, writer at

True words have not been spoken about an epic comic event as the beginning of Hickman's Secret Wars can state. We have seen Marvel throw out epic books and event books in recent years that have either succeeded or failed to hold our interest. But, very few books and events have been years in the making as this event has been. All roads have been leading to "Secret Wars" was the marketing ploy of marvel for the last few months. We have seen "Time Runs Out" in all the Avengers books in recent months, and in this epic 40 page blockbuster, time really has run out for both the Marvel and the Ultimate universe.

But, how will we spend the last hour of our life. We have witnessed the 616 universe do anything and everything in it's power not to lose. We know that we have failed, yet, we have decided that some people surviving is better then everyone losing. We have seen the Ultimate universe attempt to be the sole survivor by enlisting the aid of a monster and a group of characters from alternate worlds. We have also seen the third force in Doom and the Molecule Man who has chosen to stop or cause the end. Their involvement is a mystery at this point, and that adds to the excitement. Marvel has actually found a way to out-do their hype for this event. We were expecting this to be a downhill road for Marvel, as events have been in recent years. But, as this one turns out, Hickman and company have turned a biblical event into something that will bring out the older fans to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of something more. Yes, by the end of this issue we have an obituary for both the 616 and the Ultimate universe, as both fall in the incursion. But, in their end, we have a new and mysterious beginning. What lies after the void? What characters actually survived and what awaits those who have already passed on? These are questions we will have to wait 2 weeks to answer. The art is beautiful, the cover is epic and the writing was done almost to perfection. I give this issue a 9 out of 10 and I can't wait to see what Hickman and company have planned for us in the next installment.


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