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I recently attended The D Train premiere at the ArcLight in Hollywood, and I had an incredible time interviewing Jack Black, James Marsden, and directors/writers Andrew Mogul and Jarrad Paul on the red carpet.

Check out the excitement below!

The D Train follows Dan (Jack Black), a nerd and member of the high school reunion committee, as he travels to Los Angeles and tries to recruit the most popular guy from high school named Oliver Lawless (James Marsden). Dan thinks Oliver is his one shot at making an extremely memorable reunion party.

Check out the trailer below, if you haven't already:

With a cast that includes the likes of Kathryn Hahn, Jeffrey Tambor, Mike White, and many more, be prepared for side-splitting hilarity.

Now excuse me as I go burn every pimply, brace-faced, chubby photo of myself from my not so glory days, also known as high school.

That's obviously not me...but he represents all of our awkward high school pictures we rather never resurface again.

Check out The D Train in select theaters now!


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