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Short story:

Name: George Ketchum

Gender: Male

Age: 70 something.

Physical Appearance: 5'9, 267 pounds. He looks like a grandfather who is incapable of doing anything evil, but appearances can be deceiving. He has white hair and a beard, but also has a nasty scar running diagonally across his face. It was the result of an old battle against the original Team Rocket Mewtwo. These days, he can be seen wearing a uniform of unknown origin. It is metallic and has a picture of the Team Rocket flag covered in a rainbow while floating above it is Mewtwo. George is currently protected from psychics and others who use telepathy to look into the minds of other people unnoticed. This is due to the fact that Urza projects a mindshield around George, even while in battle or in its pokeball. He can be ruthless alongside his long life team of trusted pokemon: Pikachu (his original pokemon), Urza (Mew), and Digger (Dugtrio).

Personality: He has his good days and he has his bad days. On his good days, he walks around wearing his old Team Rocket uniform. On his bad days, he walks around beside his pokemon. If you see him on a bad day, either be prepared to battle or else be very nice and then try not to make him get mad.

Background Information: Before he became a member of Team Rocket, Mr. Ketchum was a nice man who had set out to become the World's Greatest Pokemon Master. He succeeded for a few years in being the Pokemon Champion, but was corrupted by the feeling of power when he was finally defeated. After that he joined Team Rocket and worked his way up through the ranks until George became a close, personal friend of Team Rocket creator and Giovanni Gym Leader Giovanni. While not a scientist, he was put in charge of making the original Mewtwo by Giovanni himself because of how much the boss trusted him. But since the result was a disaster, he has been doing what he can to amend that great mistake. For this purpose, he has undertaken the great challenge of creating a robot Mewtwo to help him track down his former experiment in order to redeem himself in the eyes of the new leaders of Team Rocket.

Okay readers if you have lasted long enough to get this far please get your mind put back together. I am a roleplaying gamer so I know what I am writing about as this is a canon original character of mine.

If you are ready, I will proceed and now begin adding newly revealed information.

Long story: As we all know, the Pokemon and Digimon story series are set in alternate parallel universes. One has the old species Pokemon that are born evolve into their middle then their final forms then finally die. Digimon are the evolved forms of Pokemon who grew tired of evolving and dying and thus they broke away in a huge civil war which tore the universes apart and that is why the Pokemon world has less families with parents as compared to the Digimon universe because all the unknown character father's or mother's from Pokemon traveled into the Digimon universe as they became the creators of the first Digimon in their quest to develop Digikemon (Pokemon/Digimon hybrids) who would never die but live eternally.

However as usually happens in any project where the majority of those doing it are good, something went dreadfully wrong and evil Digimon were created by unscrupulous researchers who wanted their creations to be used for personal gain. In essence these evil researchers bonded and fused with their Digimon and became a huge threat such that they were banished from the Digimon world but their least minor creations became the ultimate evil in every season of the show and game to date.

In the Pokemon world those who were not banished for helping out the evil researchers were exiled into unknown lands far from civilization in hopes they would be killed by their own evil and they continued their works secretly while always planning revenge.

The technological (Digimon) and Spiritual (Pokemon) sides for unknown generations were sealed apart by a barrier of strong magic so strong in fact that the magic it unknowingly left as a result began attracting very powerful evil beings that we know today as demons and devils but this was done long before anyone thought to begin recording these events.

Now these demons were crafty and knew that someday powerful beings from both sides of the bisected original universe would reunite the worlds and they also knew if that happened they would destroy all evil in one single purge so they sent nightmares into the Digimon and Human researchers of Pokemon and they made the digimon nightmares for those in the Pokemon universe and the pokemon became the nightmares for those in the digital world and Earth was now trapped between these three immense dimensions.

Fast forward several thousand years and the Internet was created. This was supposed to link computers around the world only but thanks to the manipulations of the demons these also began to actually pierce the barrier at subatomic levels. As a result the demons and devils infiltrated Earth on three dimensions: Pokemon, Digimon, and Standard. Standard Earth is the world readers live on. The technological one is from where all technology actually comes from but everyone has been brainwashed into knowing technology only comes from the geniuses in their fields of science etc. The spiritual world is why Earth has all the many current and dead religions it has record of.

So in essence every time one of these three Earth's develops new technology, it develops the same technology on all three and the same goes for religions of good and evil too.

But Standard Earth was further divided into two more separate dimensions. One was for those who only use technology and the other for those who use magic/ imagination and believe in fantasy. No need to name these dimensions as every gamer knows which ones they are.

Now it did happen that at a certain period of time megalomaniac evildoers on every dimension became possessed in mind by these demons through the Internet and a secret cabal of evil was formed. That is why villains exist in fantasy and tyrants in actual history. Their goal: To rule every dimension. The rest is history.

At the beginning of this article I brought up who I thought Ash Ketchum's father is. The short article was as I first created him years before he became a part of my now canon rp universe I have described in these past several paragraphs in how the Pokemon and Digimon dimensions of Earth relate to it.

But what only I and very few watchers and recorders of history know is that Mewtwo was not only a Pokemon but it was the first created Pokemon/Digimon hybrid in the modern Earth in a project that required development in all of these dimensions being worked on together. And when Mewtwo was created "he" made it possible for dimensional travel for physical beings so now the Internet no longer was the only means of bypassing every dimension's barrier.

This is why since the creation of the Pokemon and Digimon genres, fantasy has grown more popular as dreams and nightmares once solely seen only when asleep have been made visual and brought to life everywhere and why my character George Ketchum along with my magical characters must fight to save good fantasy and Earth from the denizens of all evil Earth dimensions.


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