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(Warning-Possible spoilers ahead for Avengers:Age of Ultron )


Well we all agree on the fact that the avengers kick ass but what most people don't notice is that each member of the avengers have to overcome ......... (Wait for it).......... Themselves , yes you heard me ,as was mentioned in the scene were Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were having a conversation/argument Stark said a line that took my attention.

Stark: I don't trust a guy without a dark side. Call me old fashioned
Steve: Well, Let's just say you haven't seen it yet.

Regarding that this scene is a teaser for Civil War it got me asking myself some questions .....Does Captain America have a dark side ? And what could it be ? And what are the dark sides of the rest of our heroes ?

Well let's talk about each member of the avenger and his/her dark side

1- Tony Stark

(It looks like Christmas. Only with

The billionaire playboy i think that Stark's character is the clearest of the avengers but let's stick to the Dark side of it ....... Well he is an alcoholic he's egotistical he's vain and he's often condescending .

(So loveable )

but the worst part of his character stands out when he is afraid because he doesn't handle things well and he becomes nervous and starts going in the wrong direction like building Ultron when he was shown the avengers lying dead when scarlet witch tampered with his mind but he kind of overcame himself in the avengers assemble movie when he almost sacrificed himself for the sake of New York and he was actually the best version of himself that he could be and also there was the time when he blew his iron man suits for his girlfriend Pepper in iron man 3 just for the sake of their relationship.


(Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?)

He thinks that he is better than everyone else he thinks of himself as the great god of thunder and he looks at every one as if they are puny ants basically he is arrogant and doesn't care about the well being of anyone and is a war addict but all of that changed when he met jane and fell in love which made him a better person not a spoiled brat.


(Hulk smash)

He is one of the pure hearted characters of the MCU he only was experimenting when it all went wrong but he didn't want all this .... So basically the dark side of bruce banner is the Hulk other from that he is a genuinely normal person.

4-The Black Widow

(I don't see how that's a party...)

She has a dark past which is the dark side of her character but when Hawkeye was sent to take her out he decided that she deserves a second chance and this moment was the game changer of her life and she started using her skills to help out people basically she's now a kind of good person.

5- Hawkeye

(You and i remember budapest very differently)

Other than being the most badass,funny and the key player of the Avengers : AoU he is basically awesome i love this guy ...... But i think his dark side appeared when he was controlled by Loki in the first Avengers movie he was so cold and he was like an assassin but with some Cognitive recalibration (hit on his head) he returned to his normal self.

6- Captain America

(Mr.Always right)

This is the most interesting character to talk about basically we only saw the good Steve Rogers who obeys orders and only does good righteous things and is basically a war hero but did you actually saw him trying to settle down and have a family or even find somebody to love , well the hulk has an excuse because of his health issues and anger issues but what is his excuse he basically can't get himself out of the field and he also has some anger problems and as a soldier who has been his whole life in a battle field he must have some issues because after all he is only human who went through all this madness , yes he is holding out till now just fine but i think that he has some issues any soldier has when returning from the battle field like

Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (aka PTSD, an anxiety disorder that follows experiencing a traumatic event) are the most common mental health problems faced by returning troops.

The most common symptoms of PTSD include: difficulty concentrating, lack of interest/apathy, feelings of detachment, loss of appetite, hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response, and sleep disturbances (lack of sleep, oversleeping.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is diagnosed after several weeks of continued symptoms.

In about 11 to 20% of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom) have been diagnosed with PTSD. Create a support board so your friends can show leave messages of encouragement for troops suffering from PTSD and other illnesses.

30% of soldiers develop mental problems within 3 to 4 months of being home.

An estimated 20% of returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans turn to heavy drinking or drugs once they return to the US.

Between 10 and 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Possible consequences of this internal injury include anger, suicidal thoughts, and changes in personality.

In 2010, an average of 22 veterans committed suicide every day. The group with the highest number of suicides was men ages 50 to 59.

but i think his dark side will pretty much clear up in Captain America : Civil War (can't wait).

so which character did i get right in your opinion .


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