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This story is based on Shepard being an Earth born, War Hero.

June 6th, 2153

Lt. Martin Shepard of The Alliance Military is preparing to brief his squad on a Black Ops Mission.

"Recently there has been an increase of slaver attacks on our colonies in The Attican Beta Cluster. Those bastards at the Citadel aren't going to do anything to help us and have forbidden Alliance soldiers to take any action against them. We aren't just going to stand by while our colonies are being wiped out and innocent people are being captured, sold into slavery, or worse." Lt. Shepard said with a sound of determination in his voice. "We have been given the green light by Alliance Command to do what ever is necessary to stop these slaver attacks, but it needs to be done quietly. Word of our actions must not reach Citadel Space." He warned.

A female soldier enters the room and solutes the LT. "LT. Shepard, Sgt. Hannah Miller reporting for duty, Sir!" LT. Shepard looked at Sgt. Miller confused. "Sgt. Miller I didn't request any additional crew for this mission. Where are you transferring from?" He asked. "I'm transferring from the SSV New Delhi." She replied sternly. "The New Delhi huh? How is Cpt. Eisennhorn these days? They find a way to remove the stick from his ass?" LT. Shepard Joked. "Yes sir the New Delhi, and no the stick is as firmly planted as ever." Sgt. Miller replied sarcastically. "Okay, Crew Dismissed! We touchdown on Mindoir at 0600, be ready, those Batarian assholes have been trying to take this colony from us ever since it was established." Lt Shepard warned. "Nothing with more than 2 eyes lives is that understood?" Lt Shepard asked. The crew responded with a rousing reply of "Yes Sir!"

Before exiting the war room Shepard called out to Hannah. "Miller!" he shouted. "I have some more questions for you join and I'll give you the grand tour of the SSV Oakland." He said proudly. "Is that an order, or an invitation LT.?" She asked playfully. "Well most orders don't come with dinner." Shepard said. "Be careful Lt. you're bordering on breaking the fraternization rules." She said while brushing her hair away from her face. "Sgt. Miller, my squad doesn't exist. Those rules don't apply to me." Shepard flirtatiously said. "Well then, now that I'm a part of your squad, I guess they don't apply to me either." Said Hannah. "My quarters, one hour?" Shepard asked. "Aye Aye LT." She looked back at Shepard while exiting the War Room.

One Hour Later

Shepard is in his quarters eagerly awaiting Hannah. His door swooshes open and there stood Hannah, wearing nothing but a short see through robe and very provocative lingerie, holding a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy and two glasses. "I thought we could skip dinner and go straight to dessert" Hannah said. "Hannah, you surprised the hell outta me. I almost shit a brick when I saw you standing there." Shepard said. "How did you get Eisennhorn to approve your transfer?" He asked. "Well it seems like you're not the only officer who likes to break fraternization rules Martin. I just happen to my dear Captain in a very precarious position with one of the Yeoman. After that he was eager to get me off the New Delhi." She said sinfully. "I've missed you so much Hannah. I've been waiting for this moment for what seems like a lifetime." Shepard said with despair in his voice. "I almost thought I'd never see you again." Shepard looked Hannah up and down. "Oh Martin you're always so melodramatic, you're the who had to ship out right after our wedding ceremony, we didn't even get a wedding night." She said mockingly. "Hannah Shepard shut up and kiss me so we can start our wedding night." They kissed, Hannah dropped the bottle of brandy and the glasses and grabbed onto Martin wrapping both legs around him. "Why do you still have clothes on LT.?" Hannah asked. "Take it off soldier!" She ordered. "Yes Ma'am" Said Shepard.

0600 the SSV Oakland touches down on Mindoir.

Shepard gives one last vote of confidence to his crew. "Okay you all know what your orders are. You know what needs to be done. Follow my lead and you will make it back to your loved ones alive and not in a box." Shepard Glanced at Hannah. "Okay men fallout! Sgt. Miller I need you to stay here and keep the crew safe." He said. "Like hell I will. You fight, I fight." Hannah protested. "THAT'S AN ORDER SGT." Shepard said firmly as he walked away toward his squad. Hannah ran after Shepard grabbed him and kissed him. "YOU COME BACK TO ME LT. THAT'S AN ORDER." She said, not wanting to let go of him. "Aye Aye Mrs. Shepard" he said.

A Fierce battle ensued and the Alliance team was pushing the Batarian slavers back. "Sir they're retreating. Should we call in reinforcements to catch the surviving ships?" Asked a soldier. "No, they're beaten plus there's civilians all over this sector. Let them retreat they won't come back." Shepard said. "Yes Sir" Said the soldier. "Alright back to the Oakland, Good work everyone." Shepard didn't notice a small group of Batarian fighter ships circling the area near the SSV Oakland and as the his crew was about to board the ship, they attacked. "FIGHTERS!" Shouted one of the soldiers. "Everyone get to cover! Miller do you read me?" Shepard frantically called out to Hannah on his communicator. "I read you what's the situation?" She asked trying to hold her composure. "We got ambushed by a small group of fighter ships. Get the Oakland in the air and get them off of us." He said. "Aye Aye LT." Hannah made her way to the cockpit and ordered the pilot "Get this heep in the air now Shepard and the others need our help" She hastily ordered. "Already ahead of you Ma'am" said the Pilot.

Shepard and the others were pinned down by the Batarian fighters. There was no way out until the a shot came from out of nowhere destroying one of the fighters. "IT'S THE OAKLAND!" Shouted one of the soldiers. The Batarians knowing they were out gunned by the Oakland's legendary weapons decided that they knew they were dead so they proceeded to crash their fighters taking out the Alliance team below banzai style. The Oakland was not fast enough to stop all the fighters from crashing and Shepard and the Alliance team were caught in a fiery explosion. None Survived. Hannah orders the pilot to land to look for survivors. The pilot refuses and has Hannah removed from the flight deck, devastated, crying and screaming for her husband.

Three weeks have passed since since the battle against the Batarians. LT. Shepard's body has been transported back to Earth for his funeral. Hannah has been discharged from the Alliance because of her secret marriage to LT. Shepard. At the funeral the flight crew of the SSV Oakland is there to mourn they're fallen LT. Hannah sees the pilot that had refused to go back and try to save the ground team. "You've got nerve being here you son of a bitch!" Hannah said angrily with tears in her eyes. "If I would've went back, we all would've died!" the pilot regretfully said. "Bullshit! All the Batarian's were gone! We could have wen't back for them." Hannah sobbed and fell to her knees. "I'm sorry Hannah, I had to make the best decision for the crew." The pilot said. "Just Leave." Hannah said softly. "Han-" Hannah cut him off. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Hannah screamed. The pilot walks towards the casket pays his respects and leaves. At the end of the service Hannah stands alone looking at Shepard's grave. "You disobeyed a direct order. You said you said you would come back to me. I love you so much, why, why did you have to leave us?" She sets an envelope on the grave stone. "I'm pregnant."

April 11, 2154

Hannah goes into labor and is rushed to the medical center. She has complications and loses a lot of blood. "We have to get the baby out or we'll lose him." Said Dr. Chakwas. "Mrs. Shepard I know you've been through a lot but I need you to push hard one more time. The umbilical cord is around the baby's neck and we need to get him out before he suffocates." Dr. Chakwas pleaded with Hannah. "Push, come on, he's almost out." Hannah pushes harder and harder until the baby comes out. "Cut the cord and get him in an incubator stat." Dr. Chakwas rushed to Hannah. "We need to hurry or we're going to lose her." She said. "Mrs. Shepard come on stay with me" Hannah had blank stare as if she wasn't even there. "John" she said softly. "What was that Mrs. Shepard?" The room went silent as Hannah looked into Dr. Chakwas' eyes and spoke again. "John Shepard, that's his name." Hannah took her final breath, closed her eye's, and her heart stopped beating. "Time of death 0420" Dr. Chakwas proclaimed with sadness.

15 Years Later. April, 17th 2169

John Shepard orphaned at birth with the passing of his mother Hannah bounced around from foster home to foster home on Earth until he found a home with a gang called The Reds. On his 15th birthday his true initiation into the gang came about when he had to kill a target selected by the gang's leader, Marco Reyano. Shepard and and his close friend Danny are headed to a meeting called by Marco to announce Shepard's ascension into the ranks of The Reds. "Hey Shep, today's the big day huh? Who do you think you're gonna have to off man? Maybe some Turian diplomat, or some know it all Asari bitch?" Danny said eagerly. "I heard it was your mom" Shepard Joked "Fuck you Shep. Come on let's get the meeting." Danny and Shepard hurried to the meet area.

Marco stood above everyone on a pile of rubble. "Listen up Red's. Today is a very special day. One of our young bloods goes through his initiation today." The crowd of Reds cheers. "Shepard, Get your ass up here!" Marco Commanded. "This mission is unlike any I have ever given any of our recruits. I know you can handle it." Shepard waited anxiously to hear his assignment. "You're target is Flight LT. Terence Shipman of the Alliance Navy. He is a known Alien rights activist and as far as I see a traitor to Earth. He's signing a trade agreement with some Turian Specter from the Citadel. If that treaty is signed then not only will we have the authorities here on Earth to watch out for but we'll also have C-Sec on our asses too." Shepard shocked at the importance of this target and his mission. "Hey Marco, no disrespect but something this huge should be handled by a more experienced Red don't you think?" Shepard asked. "What's wrong Shep? You leave your balls at home this morning?" Shepard stood his ground. "Hell No! I'm just saying this is huge I don't see why you're trusting me with this." Marco put his arm around Shepard. "You've shown the most promise out of anyone I've ever seen. Ever since I found you in the gutter when you were 10, I've been grooming and preparing you for this moment Shep. You're like family to me. You're like my little brother. None of us would be able to get within 50 ft of this guy without C-Sec coming down on us. No one would expect it coming from a kid. You are our best chance of stopping this." Shepard beamed with pride. "I won't let you down Marco." Shepard said. "I know you won't Shep. That's why I picked you." Shepard and Marco get in a shuttle and head to the city. Marco hands Shepard a pistol. "Ok Shep. We gotta kill this asshole before he makes that speech. He's just ordered room service at the hotel he's staying at. We have a guy on the inside, he is going to give you a service uniform and you are going to bring his food to him. Once he let's you in you put a round in his head and get out. He is alone in his room so you won't have any trouble with the cops. I'll be in your ear the whole time if you get in trouble I got your back." Marco explained the plan thoroughly.

They arrive at the hotel Shepard meets the contact on the inside and puts on the service uniform and heads to Terence's room. Shepard takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. "Uh, Room Service." Shepard said as he gripped his pistol firmly. Shepard hear's Marco's voice in his comm. "Calm down Shep. You got this." Terence opens the door slightly peeking through the small opening he allowed. Shepard kicks the door wide open knocking Terence to the ground. Shepard aims his pistol directly at Terence's head. "Sorry LT. but you don't get to betray Earth today." Shepard places his finger firmly on the trigger. Terence looks at Shepard confused. "Shepard!?" Terence said in frantic amazement. "How is this possible, you're." Shepard froze, he stared at Terence still pointing the gun at his head. He heard Marco's voice again. "Shepard what are you waiting for? DO IT!" Shepard removed the comm piece from his hear. Marco gets out of the car and heads into the hotel. "How do you know my name?" Shepard demanded. He put the barrel of the gun to Terence's head. "I won't ask again." Shepard snarled. "You....You're his son. Hannah was pregnant!?" Terence mumbled to himself. "How do you know my mom?" Shepard asked as he lowered the gun. "I served with both your Mom and Dad I was the Pilot on the SSV Oakland. I was there the day your father.." Marco enters the room and knocks Shepard on the ground. "You little bitch! I knew I shouldn't have sent a boy to do a man's job." Marco draws his gun and aims at Terence. "NO!" Shepard screamed. A gunshot rings loud in the room. Shepard shot Marco directly in the back of the head, killing him instantly. C-Sec officers swarm the room pointing their guns at Shepard. Capt. David Anderson walks into the room. "What the hell is going on here?" Capt. Anderson asked. "It's alright the kid is with me he saved my life." The C-Sec officers lower their weapons. "This guy broke in and tried to kill me. This kid acted quickly and stopped him." Capt. Anderson looked at Shepard in disbelief. "Who are you young man." Anderson asked. "His name is Shepard. He's the son of LT. Martin Shepard and Sgt. Hannah Miller. I found him earlier today on the streets." Terence said. "Situation Green everyone, Stand down." Anderson ordered. "Someone clean up this mess. Reschedule the treaty signing." Anderson said. "No!" Terence insisted. "The signing goes on as planned. Shepard. Will you accompany me to the Treaty Signing. We have a lot to talk about." Terence asked. "Y-yeah." Shepard said still in shock at what happened.

Terence completed the treaty signing without further incident and met up with Shepard after. "Why were you trying to kill me?" Terence asked Shepard. "I was part of an underground gang called The Reds. That guy I killed was Marco, our leader. I'm as good as dead." Shepard said holding his head in his hands. "Today was my initiation day. My mission was to kill you and stop you from signing that treaty. Marco said it was a betrayal to Earth." Shepard explained. "The treaty I signed today had nothing to do with Earth. I was signing a treaty with the Turian Specter to get more protection for human colonies in the Traverse. Just like your father wanted." Terence said. "Who were my parents?" Terence explained the long service history of Martin and Hannah Shepard. He also explained how Martin Shepard died and how Hannah blamed him. "Look, Shepard I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I want you to come stay with me for a while on the Citadel. I owe your mom and dad a debt I can't fathom how to repay but I think making sure nothing happens to their only son is a good start." Shepard agreed and went to stay with Terence on the Citadel.

Three years later. April 12th, 2172

"It's done I am officially enlisted in the Systems Alliance." Shepard boasted. "Congratulations Shep. You're parents would be so proud of you." Terence said. "When do you ship out for boot?" He asked. "Tomorrow 0600." Shepard said as he folds his new service uniform. Terence had a flashback of the briefing Martin Shepard gave telling the crew they touchdown at 0600. "You remind me so much of your father, you know that." Terence said with a saddened look in his eyes. "Terence look, for what it's worth, I don't agree with my mom for blaming you for my dad's death. You did the right thing saving your crew. You're a bonafide hero in my eyes sir." Terence smiled. "Whatever debt you think you owe my parents is paid in full. You did right by me when you could've just turned your back on me and let me rot in jail or get killed by The Reds. You took me in and gave me a real chance at life. You're a good man T." Shepard hugged Terence. "Ok don't get all mushy on me Shep. I really appreciate you saying that. I hope Hannah and Martin feel the same." Terence wished. "They do." Shepard said confidently.

4 years later June 1st, 2176

Shepard is now an officer in the Alliance. His rank is Lt. Commander. He is on shore leave on Elysium enjoying some much needed time off. In his room the daily news alert monitor flickers on and a reporter is live on the air. "Details are sketchy at this time but what we can tell you is that a group of radical Batarians stormed the Human Embassy on the Citadel. Dozens are critically wounded and so far there are 7 casualties. Among the deceased is Flight LT. and Embassy Representative Terence Shipman. Shipman, who signed a protection agreement with the Turian Specter Nihlus Kryik 10 years ago, is the founder of the Alliance's Pirate Suppression Campaign to help rid the human colonies of Slavers."

"Oh no, Terence!" Shepard said holding back tears. The reporter goes on to say that the Batarians have retreated back to the Terminus System but their exact whereabouts are unknown. Another soldier runs into the room. At that moment Shepard hears an explosion. He runs outside in full gear and weapons. "Holy Shit." It seemed the entire planet of Elysium was under attack. Shepard gets on his Comm "This is Lt. Commander Shepard of the Systems Alliance does anyone read me?" Shepard frantically says while trying to find cover. "I say again, this is Lt. Commander Shepard of the Systems Alliance does anyone read me?" Shepard hears a voice on his comm. "This is Cpt. Anderson of the SSV Agincourt, I read you loud and clear Lt. Commander Shepard. What's your situation?" Shepard is relieved to hear a human voice. "Cpt. Anderson, Elysium is under attack. I think by the same Pirates that attacked the Citadel. They're everywhere sir." Shepard said. "We're on our way son. Hold tight, and we'll send the cavalry." Anderson tried to calm Shepard down. "With all do respect sir, these assholes killed someone very close to me, so I'm going to kill as many of them as I can until they kill me or you get here. Shepard Out!"

Shepard noticed a large group of people trying to defend their position he ran and helped them. Once the area was clear he spoke. "Everyone, listen up. I am Lt Commander Shepard of the Alliance. They'll be back and with larger numbers. We need to fortify this position and hold ground until the Alliance comes. I've already made contact and the SSV Agincourt is en route along with more Alliance ships. We need to hold them back and protect the people here until they arrive. I need able bodies and weapons. Now" Shepard forms a small unit and is able to repel the attacking Pirates for a short time. All the people in the unit he assembled were dead. Shepard was all alone and under heavy fire. "Well Shepard isn't this a fine mess." The firing stops and Shepard hears a voice. "Hey Shit Head, you're all alone surrender and I'll end you quick." This was the leader of the Pirate band Elanos Haliat, Shepard had been chasing him for years trying to bring him down. Shepard recognizes the voice immediately. "Haliat, you should've brought more people this is too easy. I'll tell you what why don't you and your men throw your weapons down, surrender and I promise I won't push for the death penalty." Shepard trying to buy as much time as possible tried to keep him talking. "Shepard you fool, Why do you think out of all the colonies in the Terminus Systems I chose this one to attack? I knew you'd be here. You're too predictable." Haliat boasted. "Yeah and you're ugly." Shepard Joked. "I've had enough, this ends now! Men kill Shepard the one who brings me his head gets a bonus." Just as the Pirates were about to attack Shepard shots rained down from the sky. It was the SSV Agincourt. "Okay Joker, target those pirates." Anderson Ordered "Aye Aye Cpt." Joker said. "Navigator Pressly send a transport to pick up Shepard." Anderson Ordered. "Yes Sir!" Pressly assuringly agreed. Haliat and his band retreated scattering through the Terminus System.

The Alliance was Victorious and Lt. Commander Shepard was brought aboard the Agincourt to meet with Capt. Anderson. "You did a brave thing out there Lt. Commander. You're hero son." Anderson tried to lift Shepard's spirits. "I'm recommending you for the Star of Terra and..." Shepard interrupts Anderson. "No disrespect Capt. but all I want is to get back to the Citadel and bury my friend." Shepard sat silently. "I remember when I first saw you Shepard. A 15 year old punk kid with a gun in his hand and in way over his head." Anderson recalled the time when Shepard tried to kill Terence. "You knew?" Shepard asked. "Knew what that you were there to kill Shipman? Yes I knew. But I also knew your parents and I knew the pain that Shipman held inside because he felt responsible for their deaths. I knew you'd be his chance at redemption and I believe that your actions here have fully redeemed him." Shepard looked up at Anderson. "Thank you, Sir. For everything." Shepard said as they made their way back to the Citadel.

One Week Later June 7 2176,

Shepard has been awarded the Star Of Terra, one of the highest honors an Alliance Soldier can get. Shepard and a large group of powerful people are at Terence's Funeral. As the services ended and Terence was buried, everyone left the cemetery. While Shepard was about to leave he was stopped by Capt. Anderson. "How are you holding up, son?" Anderson asked. "I'm doing okay, Capt. Anderson. Thank you again for everything. If there's anything I can do for you, let me know." Shepard said solemnly still grieving over the loss of his friend. "I can't think of anything you can do for me but I have one more offer for you." Anderson hinted. "Sir, you've already done so much." Shepard said humbly. "Well this one you might not thank me for right away." Anderson hands Shepard a sealed envelope. "What's this am I being court martialed or something?" Shepard asked jokingly. "After what you'll go through, you'll wish that's what I gave you. Shepard, I am officially recommending you for the N7 program. If you accept report to Vila Militar in Rio de Janeiro July 1st at 0500." Shepard opened the envelope and read his name next to the N7 Logo. Shepard solutes Capt. Anderson. "Sir, I accept." Shepard said with purpose. Anderson scoffed "Mmmph, you'll wish you hadn't."


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