ByJon Li Mills, writer at

As we all know disney is coming out with a live action jungle book but now this!?

A live action...wait for it DUMBO

What is dumbo

At 64 minutes, Dumbo is one of Disney’s shortest features but remains one of its most emotionally satisfying ones as it tells the story of a baby circus elephant who is made fun for his large ears. When his mother steps in to protect him and is locked up for it, he ends up on the road with a mouse as his companion. The mouse instills into Dumbo the idea that with the help of a magic feather, he can fly.

The movie produced several classic songs, notably "When I See an Elephant Fly"; "Baby Mine," which was nominated for a best song Oscar; and "Pink Elephants on Parade."

Steven Spielberg is said to be directing this film.


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