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Daredevil on Netflix is absolutely incredible.

Had to get that sentence out early on. It's out of my system now. Anyway, it's an incredible show. I'm just starting to watch it for a second time, and obviously I went looking for information on season 2 after it was announced to be coming next year. Steven DeKnight, showrunner of Daredevil and hero of Netflix, spoke to IGN about what is coming.

You can watch the full interview here it's about half an hour long, but here are the most interesting parts.

The Violence

Steven said that Marvel always wanted a grittier type of show with Daredevil, they wanted to be riskier than their previous TV and films. He also said that he never intended for Daredevil to go so far as to kill anyone intentionally, he never wanted him to kill Fisk.

The Villains

DeKnight told IGN that he always intended to put as much character development into Fisk as he did into Daredevil. He loved the idea of Murdock and Fisk having the same end-goal. He also said that we can expect more Fisk in the future, and that we can expect more exploration of Vanessa's character, especially her ability to ignore the obvious evil in Wilson.

Love interests

Steven says he didn't feel any pressure to explore Daredevil's love interests any more this season. He says he wanted to show that there were attractions, but not go any further than that. He said Claire's character wouldn't realistically stay with Matt after sewing him up so often.

Karen's past

Steven likes the "intriguing hints" about Karen's past, he says he has a broad idea about what happened to her, and he says it is a nod to the Frank Miller run where she fell to drugs and pornography.


DeKnight wanted to get Potter layered in to the show from early episodes to tease that he would make the red suit, like in the comics.

New Characters

Steven also hinted at Potter's workshop hinting at possibly having him as Gladiator in the show later. He also said that Leland Owlsley, who was originally the Owl in the comics, may be the wrong guy. As the original owl was said to have a father in finance (like Leland was) then his son could make an appearance as the owl in the future. DeKnight also said that the nod to the Greek girl in the college flashback scene was indeed to Elektra. When asked if the sniper in one episode was Bullseye, as was speculated, he merely stated "Time will tell." While talking about Elektra and Bullseye, he also said that season one "didn't feel right for those characters".

Ben Urich's death

Steven said that the death of Ben Urich, a well known comic character across the Marvel Universe, was all Marvel's idea. They wanted to distance themselves from the comics, and apparently taking out a comics mainstay is the way to do it.

Linking to other Netflix shows?

Steven said that there was so little time to talk to the other showrunners, so he merely said that anything from now on is "their problem". However, he said that the introduction of the steel serpent could be used for Iron Fist, and he was aware of this while doing it.


What is most interesting for you about his interview?


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