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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, you'll know that superhero movies are the big thing in Hollywood right now. And possibly no one does them better than Marvel (I said possibly DC fans!). We've come a long way since the first Iron Man swooped on to our screens and stole our hearts back in 2008. Since then the MCU has only been expanding and continues to wow us with every movie!

Now in 2015, we are edging ever closer to Phase 3 and with movies planned up to 2019, it's gonna be a gooden!! With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) expected to be the most hero pacted movie to date after the main cast was announced the other day, I'm going to talk about even more characters that could be added in Phase 3 movies (and possibly Phase 4) that would add a lot to the MCU. First up...

1. Cassie Lang/Stature

Which movie: Spider-Man (2017)

Now before you start commenting, I know that Cassie is being introduced in the new Ant Man movie coming out July 17th. However, unless Scott Lang thinks it would be fun to have superhero team up with his young daughter, I doubt she'll be 'suiting up' any time soon.

Although now with the addition of the new Spider-Man film in 2017, this gives Marvel a great opportunity! Imagine, by the end of the film we see Spider-Man recruited by the Avengers, but because of his age (especially since Spidey is supposed to be 16) he doesn't become a fully fledged Avenger. Instead we see Captain America (as long as he's still alive) take him to Avengers HQ. There he says, "meet your new teammates" and we are shown young heroes like Miss America, Speed and STATURE!! I think this would be a good way to introduce Cassie (who is a real favourite of mine) and create the Young Avengers at the same time! The only problem is the Cassie in the new Ant Man might be too young to do this but I can always dream!

2. Richard Ryder/Nova

Which movie: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017)

Nova is a fan favourite and many were disappointed when he was not in the first GotG. I believe that Nova shouldn't play a major role in the second either as it would need to be built up. I think that GotG 2 should start showing a massive battle between the already weakened Nova Corps and Thanos as he's trying to retrieve the orb. In a climatic battle Thanos proves too much and takes the Orb then destroying Xandar after him. The Guardians here about the destruction of the Nova Corps and hear Thanos is looking for the time stone so they try to find it also. The movie would then continue from there. In the post credits sequence we see an object hurtling towards earth, it is Rhomman Dey, last survivor of the Nova Corps but he's badly injured. We see him land in the backyard of Richard who comes to meet him, but Rhomman has fled. The only thing that he's left is his Nova helmet which Richard picks up. Fades out... I think this could be a good way to bring Nova in while still being partially true to his origins. We could see him in future movies, figuring out why he was left the helmet, and what he can do with it. Also this leaves it open for Nova to join the Young Avengers or maybe the Guardians or even a solo movie!

3. J. Jonah Jameson

Which movie: Spider-Man (2017)

Not much to be said about him! For me Jonah really makes Spider-Man, as he is one of Spidey's greatest enemies! Not literally of course, but Jonah's constant Spidey-hate always hit the web-slinger where it hurt. In a way, Jonah also brings out the best in Spidey as 'the wall-crawling menace' constantly had to rise above the ridicule and find a reason to be Spider-Man! So, I guess thanks are in order JJ!

Note: if JJ does come to the MCU, please cast J K Simmons again, some people are just perfect for some roles!

4. Casey Kinmont

Which movie: Dr Strange 2 (possibly Phase 4)

In short, Casey Kinmont is Dr Strange's first apprentice after he lost the title Sorcerer. I wasn't very aware of who Casey Kinmont was until I read about her and loved the idea of her being in the MCU! When she was sitting in a baseball arena, Casey caught the ball while looking at her phone and threw it back. To her surprise as she had thrown it back she'd accidently hit a 'stranger' (if you know where I'm coming from). As she went to apologise the man took her glasses and when she snatched them back she saw the world differently, for example there was demons on the field! To sum it up, the demons capture them, Dr Strange teaches her how to free them from the binds and that's where her story begins! Casey could show us a very different side to Dr Strange than we will probably see in the first. Dr Strange is known for being, well... strange. But introducing Casey could show a more affectionate side to him (in a brother-loving way, not every superhero needs a love interest!!). Especially if he has lost the 'Soceror Supreme' title, even the master of the mystic arts needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes!

5. Cosmo

Which movie: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017)

Again, I know that Cosmo had already been introduced in the MCU but come on!! How could someone not love the idea of a telepathic Russian space dog who becomes the Head of Security of Knowhere. Last time we saw Cosmo he had gotten out of the Collector's collection on Knowhere so it's not entirely impossible that we will see him again! I know it's a long shot but if anyone can put a telepathic Russian dog on screen and get away with it, it's Marvel!! I'm mean just look at his cute little cosmonaut face!

Is there any other characters that could be in a supporting role in the future MCU? Let me know if you have anyone in mind in the comments! Thanks for reading!!


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