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This is the origin story of your creativity

Anyone else remember playing a game and wishing there were more of your favorite playable characters? Or that you could create your own characters? I know I do.

Think about a game by a company that owns some of the most well know characters, mixed with the ability to create your own. That is my dream fighting game. However this game should be more then just a fighting game or even an animated film tie- in.

Sure that would be fun but that would only be the foundation, the true creativity comes from you... I"ll explain later.

The story

Tie-in film?

Walt Disney was the greatest character creator of all time wasn't always the greatest. For a long time, he struggle to make his characters seem anything but dull, he could never get his creation to really come to life on film. One day he decided to create a new way to animate, so he created a whole new filming device. Then suddenly it happened, the characters, the places, it all came to life! It created a whole new world, called Disney unified. Where each character from each story all live together in connected worlds. As time when on the device was passed on from animator to animator and as more films were made with the device the world of Disney explained more, yet always balanced.

One day a young and untested new animator discovers that a rival animator steals and reconfigured the device to create evil copy's of the Disney characters to build up his army and open up the connection in-between Disney United and earth to destroy them both. The Young untested animator much push himself to the limits to create his own characters that will work with the Disney characters to save us all.

Disney infinite killer?

Hey Disney You want to sale toys? OK sure! (Just don't make them look so lame)


A fighting game with for 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. The fighting should be tight and well balanced, with so many characters this may be a good challenge within itself, but the payoff would be will worth it for the Disney company and developers. This would including all of Disney most beloved characters, marvels, and Star Wars.

More then just a fighting game it's also something to inspire the next generation of artist and animators. The secret weapon is you, and your creativity! Image creating your own superhero, Star Wars or Disney character and make them a fighter within the game, with today's tech you can.

This is were the fun begins!

Much like Walt Disney himself their are lots of people with the same creativity inside of them, but many don't know where or how to use it, imagine if we could give them this gift to create, to express ideas, and to have fun with it.

Introducing Disney creative

An app on iPads, window 10 touch devices that gives you the tools to be the creator. Create your own characters and powers! If your skilled with drawing start from scratch using the same type of body frame animators just use a surface pen or iPad to draw your character. If your not an artist use the creator assist to easily created a character in a user friendly way. Let's inspire the next generation!

What about mobile apps

So if I'm not at my Home? Can I still interact in some way? yes! Use the app. Think iron mans lasers need to be pink? Think little mermaid needs a turtle neck? Then do it! Even search and trade designs. And pay extra for cool unique effects.


Who do u think?


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