ByJoe Heavymetalcowboy Lamendola, writer at
Joe Heavymetalcowboy Lamendola

Mad Cow disease had all but been forgotten. It had been years since the last known case. The beef market had been on a steady rise for a few years now and one company, a Chinese feed company had benefited the most from this turn around as they had been given the contract by the US Government to turn all world crops into feed for all the animals of the world. It was a golden time, steaks and hamburgers became the norm again and things like tofu all but dropped from the market. The first case seemed like a new form of avian flu, but by the time we realized what was happening the damage had been done. Some chemical used to create a cohesive structure for the feed had a very adverse reaction for some, making them sick and then some started dying. The first to die was on the autopsy table when he, a big Texan with a huge steak fetish, came back to life so to speak. The folks in the hospital stood no chance against this giant of a man and the whole hospital in the little town he was visiting was overrun in a matter of hours. The only person to survive that attack without running was a local cop who at the time was in a coma and luckily got locked in his room by his best friend and partner...


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