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Frantz Saintil

Lex Luthor:

Why did I do it? Easy. I missed him. If he was alive, I would never admit to this, but he defines me. He understands me. He alone has the power and intelligence to make my life interesting. The rest are just children- Batman, Wonderwoman, The flash. Green lantern, even the Martian- I could kill them anytime I want. I used to think the same for Superman, but every time I try, I mean, honestly try, I fail. He has... well, had a unique talent for not only surviving, but winning. The struggle between superman and I is poetic. It's beautiful. God versus man. That's why I did it. Did I know that I unknowingly created the most powerful, cruel, unstoppable being in the universe? Well, kind of. It was a coin toss: He will be the best superhero the world has ever seen, or he will end the world.

How did I do it? Well, that's the hard part. I will spare you the scientific details, seeing as you probably won't even understand it. It began with my final battle with the man of steel himself. I, with the help of his own robot, reversed engineered the super-serum he created for Lois Lane. The serum gave me superman's powers for over twenty-four hours. It was the most incredible sensation I have ever felt... and I saw the source wall. I was able to see and feel at a molecular level. I even understood string theory. I saw how to fix the world. Cure diseases. All this time he had that power, and selfishly kept it for himself. After using his gravity gun to increase my time, I quickly lost the power. The rest is history. Superman left Earth and went to "fix" the sun.

I was sent to prison, but what prison could hold me? It wasn't long until I escaped. The league came after me, off course, but they never even came close. I know it seems selfish, but i saved the world. With superman dead and gone, Earth was fair game. Aliens from every dark corner of the galaxy came to earth for either vengeance, conquest, or control. The league could handle most of them, but what can they do against the likes of Lobo, or Darkseid, or Braniac. The world needed superman. I needed superman. And that's when I had the most brilliant idea i have ever had: assemble a league of my own. First, I recruited Deathstroke, then Klarion, the witch boy, and lastly, Superman.

I was already in possession of superman's DNA. It's not too difficult to find, if you live in Metropolis. It was only a matter of doing the impossible, deciphering it. But in time, and with the help of Klarion, it was done. All I need was a host body. A womb. And who better than the famous Lois Lane herself. Unbeknownst to her, I injected her superman's altered DNA, and the rest was up to nature. I knew there might be some "side-effects" or "bugs," but what came after was a nightmare.

"There is no more justice league."
"There is no more justice league."

This is my fault, as are most things. But i never wanted to end the world. I wanted to save it. I wanted him back. But what i got... what we got was the end.

The boy, later known as "Superman secondus," grew quickly: 18 years in a few months. He had questions that no one seemed to have to answers. He was treated as a monster, an abomination of a once great hero. He was rejected by the league. He became angry at the world, like most teenagers, but unlike most teenagers, he had the power to end the world. He used it. The league foolishly stood in his way. There is no more justice league.

There's nothing left on earth to salvage. nothing but ruin. But i will not lose my home to HIM. I gathered what was left of the justice league and the legion of superheros to form a new team- The legion of superheroes. Earth's final line of defense against superman. I have made mistakes, monumental mistakes, but this time, I will save earth or dying in attempt.


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