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If you want to know what happens after this story(which is solely my take on what happened before the actual movie itself), then please watch Contracted, directed by Eric England. It's an interesting film. Hope you enjoy, and happy reading!!

The corpse was laying on the table; cold and beginning to smell of death. There was a chill in the air, almost like back home where mother had resided after retirement. BJ started to gain a cold sweat as he stared at the corpse, trying to remember what he was supposed to do first.

"Do I massage the body first; or do I get rid of all the left-over bodily fluids?" BJ thought to himself as he stood there, paralyzed. This was his first corpse. She looked to have died young, but there was no sign of a murder, or even suicide. The cause is still unknown. That was enough to send chills up BJ's spine, and the bio-hazard symbol on her tag didn't help. For some reason, he was having troubles trying to remember his procedures.

BJ started to twitch as he kept thinking harder and harder. She looked just like his first from when he was living with mother. Blonde, thin, and an unquestionably lovely pair of breasts. How could he resist to deny quality work without first loosening all of her muscles, inside and out? BJ looked out the door, and saw he was still alone. It was late, and he offered to stay back to make sure the work gets done. He looked back at the woman and sighed heavily whilst unbuttoning his pants.

As he began to thrust into her, he closed his eyes and began thinking back to when he was a child and living with mother. The ways she taught him were ways that most mothers didn't teach their children. She taught him to love women even after death; in all forms.

He remembers Rebecca as if it were just yesterday, and he was 15 again. Mother had brought her home from the supermarket, offering her a place to stay while she gets back on her feet after losing her parents. She said that she had no one anymore, and that she was depressed. Mother always made sure that the women she brought home had no one left. She always somehow knew who didn't want to be around anymore.

Rebecca was sweet, and blonde. Lovely physique; and was undeniably intelligent. She seemed to have everything figured out, except the fact that mother decided she needed to be put out of her misery and reunited with her parents and other family again.

BJ remembered the plan mother had gone over with him numerous of times, "We wait until she's asleep, and we kill her just as I have shown you since you were younger. But remember, don't wake her up."

BJ walked into the guest bedroom that she was staying in. She snored softly, and seemed to have not moved one bit since first laying down to sleep. He got his syringe ready, and moved steadily to her bed-side. As he stared at her, he felt a sort of pain in his heart. "Why should I be the one to take her life? Maybe she wants to make something of herself in the future. Who am I to deny her that chance?" BJ thought as he watched her sleep.

He walked out of the room, disgusted with himself that he would think to do something so terrible, even if mother did tell him to do so. He can almost feel the pain of her beatings as he stood outside of the doorway. "Is me saving a life worth being beaten over..."

As he pondered this question over and over, he began to hear mothers' footsteps upstairs as they made their way to the top of the staircase. He quickly shuffled back into the guest bedroom, realizing deep down it's not worth mother to be upset about. That her happiness is everything. He walked back to Rebecca's side and closed his eyes. He stabbed her with the syringe and injected her with something his mother had made for her victims.

She woke up, and looked at BJ as she slowly died; he could feel her pain as if it happened to him. He whispered "Sorry", as she closed her eyes.

He walked out of the room and saw mother waiting. She hugged him tightly and began praising him for his first time. She looked at him and said "She's all yours now. Go in and love her", she said as she smiled at him.

BJ looked at her and smiled back, knowing exactly what she meant. He had never had sex before, and wasn't exactly sure what to do. Her body was still warm as he slid off her clothing. He got nervous as Rebecca laid before him, naked. He began to undress himself and kiss her softly. He grabbed the lotion on the end table and closed his eyes as he began thrusting into her.

When he opened his eyes, he stared at his blonde patient. He felt relieved that he could carry on his mothers wishes, even if society wouldn't agree with what he does.

He began to get out all his tools he needed to embalm his patient and smiled the whole time through. He finished, and left for the night.

The next night, BJ went to a party at a random woman's house, where he met Samantha.

Contracted (2013)
Contracted (2013)

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