ByKevin Bourgeois, writer at

It was a sunny day, Professor Edwin Jenner, of the CDC of Atlanta, was working over time tonight, he was working on a new serum to cure various types of cancer. He walks to a room entitled "TS-18". "Mr. Davis, the serum is ready for testing." "Alright", said Mr. Davis with a grin. Mr. Jenner states, after you drink the serum, I will send you to your family, be back in three days." "I will" mutters Mr. Davis. He drinks the serum. "OK, see you in three days" says Jenner. Three days pass, Davis didn't return. He calls his phone. "Disconnected"? Jenner asks himself as he stares at the telephone. Just then the door opens as a man in a lab coat walks in. "Morning, Jenner", the man smiles. "Morning" Jenner replies. The man is quiet for a while then speaks up. "So, did you see the news last night"? "No, I missed it." The man looks down at his phone, "Well there were reports of cannibalistic attacks spread all over Senoia, and the National Guard has quarantined the whole city. Nobody in nobody out." Just then a knock can be heard at the door. The man answers it, a crazed human-like creature walks in and bites him in the neck and starts to eat him alive. "That's no Cannibal."....


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