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It has been two and a half months since the release of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) and everyone is still talking about it. It was an instant hit, just like it's predecessor. Sure there were flaws, but not enough to make people not like the movie. It's the same formula for the rest of the MCU: we highly anticipate the movies, and then we are sort-of let down when it comes to our expectations. But as we leave the movie, we get struck with magical Marvel/Disney amnesia. You can hear more about that in the video below!

Marvel's Ant-Man will release this month, and people aren't that excited for it. The reason why is one simple thing that I will introduce to you now. It's called a lack of knowledge about the film or it's characters. Even some comic book fans aren't sure what's going on. With questions like "Will Hope Van Dyne be the Wasp instead of Janet Van Dyne?" But this Air of Mystery is actually healthy for Marvel Fans, we just don't know it yet. You see, it's all the info that we get from Trailers or posters or leaks, and we build a mountain of Hyped Expectations, and when the Movie inevitably doesn't live up to those expectations, we feel betrayed. That's what happened to me coming out of Iron Man 3, wasn't a bad movie, but I heard rumours of the ten actual rings, some awesome magic stuff, and flippin' Fin-Fang-Foom!! But, despite all that, I have come to really enjoy Iron Man 3!

But, there is a reverse side to that as well. If there is not enough hype, then people won't go see it. Sure, it's not going to sell as big as AoU or Avengers, but it is a Marvel movie, and they have a pretty successful formula so far. But if there is not enough hype, and people don't go see it, it has a severe chance of Flopping. Case in point, Green Lantern. GL made a grand worldwide total of 116,602,172. Age of Ultron made more than that in ONE day. And I'm not saying, "Well, that's DC for you," because Marvel has had a handful of their own flops to deal with, one of which was actually produced BY Kevin Feige. But, I'm not here to just compare statistics all day. Here is why you should be HYPED for Ant-Man.

Reason 1: The Secret Origins of the Avengers Initiative

If you haven't heard, then listen up. It has been revealed that Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne were not only S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, but they were actually some of the World's First Superheroes. The Ant-Man suit is decades old and some of the most advanced technology on the planet. I for one really just can't wait to see how Stark and Pym update the suit for Civil War. So all-in-all, after the SSR's success with Captain America, and the founding of S.H.I.E.L.D.. they decided to try Superheroes again.

This would also perfectly fit with the MCU, because in the Post-Credits scene that started all, Nick Fury tells Tony Stark that he's part of a bigger universe. But what super universe would he be talking about? Well, lets do a roll call here. Fury is one of the only people who know of the Hulk's existence. But they can't count on the Hulk to show up and help, No one knows where he is besides S.H.I.E.L.D. So who does this leave? Steve is doing time as a Capsicle, and Thor is away in Asgard. Clint and Natasha are just agents, they haven't earned the title "hero" yet, so what other superheroes are there? It sounds like Iron is part of a smaller universe. BUT, if there was a pre-existence of Ant-Man and Wasp, then Iron Man wouldn't be alone. What if Ant-Man and Wasp were a part of the original Avengers Initiative? What if there were other heroes around and THEY were also part of the Original Avengers Initiative?? There is actually evidence to support this theory as well, Look at the photo above, each dot represents a different Avenger. There is one in Africa, right over a possible Wakanda, and another in the middle of the Atlantic, right over the comic book location of Namor, the Submariner, who has yet to even make more than that easter egg appearance. There is a dot in LA, which probably represents both Tony Stark and Hank Pym. A dot on the east coast represents Hulk's recent rampages. A blip in New Mexico represents Thor, who has just recently been discovered. And finally, there is a blip in the Arctic Circle, pointing to a possible location for Captain America.

But enough in depth easter egg hunting, on to reason 2!!!

Reason 2: The Foundation of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As we know, the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) was S.H.I.E.L.D.'s origins in WW2. After the war, Agent Peggy Carter became full-time agent, but it wasn't how she expected. So she teamed up with Howard Stark and Col. Phillips to create S.H.I.E.L.D. Haley Atwell (Peggy Carter) and John Slattery (Older Howard Stark) are set to appear in Ant-Man. This movie does more to tie-in to Agent Carter than even Captain America did! This movie will explore a little bit of the of the Secret Origins of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I suspect that Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne will have a lot to do with the foundation of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the beginning of the Avengers Initiative. So there will most likely be flashbacks to the origins of Ant-Man and the Wasp, and them being some of the first superheroes since Cap's Ice Dive.

That's probably as much as I can say without reaching into possible spoiler territory... So onto reason #3

Reason #3: It Will Probably be This Years Guardians

Squad Goals
Squad Goals

No one expected Guardians to be near as big of a success as it was. The most popular pop culture icon last year was a talking tree that said three (technically five) words on-screen. Now, I'm not saying that Marvel is invincible, because nothing is, but I don't see this failing. You could tell from the first GotG Trailer that it was going to have more of a comedic vibe, just like you could with Ant-Man. I'm also not saying that Ant-Man will be as good as Guardians so don't go expecting the new best Marvel Movie. From what the actors and directors have said in interviews, it will have vibe similar to Guardians.

Without Further Ado, Reason #4...

Reason #4: An Emotionally Driven Hank Pym

I have to admit, when Paul Rudd was cast as Scott Lang, I was pretty upset. I always said that they needed to start with Hank Pym, but now I'm ready for seeing both Hank and Scott. But we don't really know what is going on with Hank Pym in this story. Here is what Reed has to say about his movie. Beware of possible plot spoilers.

One of the first things I said to Kevin was I want this movie to be tight. I want it to be under two hours. I want it to be a repeat viewing experience, and I want it to have a strong comedic component. But I also want to get some emotion, man. In the original drafts, Janet [van Dyne, the late wife of Michael Douglas’ character] was mentioned, but she was never dealt with. So McKay and Paul and I wanted to have a flashback sequence and experience [the original] Ant-Man and Wasp, because in the comic that was everything. They were the founding members of The Avengers. So we came up with that and did it, and I love the emotionality of that. And Hank Pym in the final movie is different than those early drafts. Because we had Michael Douglas, I wanted to see a tortured Hank Pym. I like that he is a guy that is motivated in large part by guilt and tragedy. (Source - The Verge)

If that is what this movie is going to be, you can have my money. I am so ready to see what kind of feels this movie entails. Also I want to see some Ant-Man and Wasp action. I love the way he said that it's only right to have the Wasp in it too.

And now for the final reason that you should see Ant-Man

Reason #5: Ties to Rest of the MCU

There are obviously going to be Easter eggs and such that point to the wider MCU. Apparently there will be a Spider-Man reference and a cameo from a certain Avenger (I won't tell you who it is because someone who didn't know might get mad at me). And there will be two extra scenes, one mid-credits, one post-credits.

I will tell you one of the scenes leads directly to Captain America: Civil War. Involves Captain America, Falcon, and Bucky

But other than that, you can count on plenty of tasty continuity morsels for us to enjoy.

So that's it. Those are five decently good reasons you NEED TO SEE Marvel's Ant-Man!!!


Marvel's Ant-Man releases Friday, July 17


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