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J. P. Frinks

With all the speculation about who will be the next Spider-Man, there is one thing that should be obvious now that we've had a modern movie franchise and two goes at a reboot; its time for Spider-Man to grow up, we don't need an origin story, its time to get to the fun stuff. One of my favorite directors David Fincher, please give him the job, made a great point that he'd pick up with a Parker who's settled into being Spider-Man.

Spidey has been around for 51 years, there have been movies going back to 1977, and anyone breathing knows the basics so no more starting over from the beginning. If this were Black Panther or Doctor Strange then go all in on an introduction but we know the deal; Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can.

All the really interesting stories happen well after Peter gets bit. Black suit, Secret Wars, marrying Mary Jane, joining the New Avengers. As heroes age and deal with the consequences of their actions, their enemies learn more about them, and their worlds develop all the nuances that make the stories insightful into our own lives become clearer.

We're going into Phase 3 of the MCU so now would be the worst possible time to try and weave yet another origin story. Daredevil was more intriguing because we saw how other people we're dealing with the fallout of Avengers. I want a Web Slinger that's seen things, survived danger, experienced loss, and maybe has a bone to pick with the people that have ripped his city to shreds.

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