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Chandra McGuire

The Origin of Morpheus

Inside ‘the matrix’ Morpheus was ‘born’ in 1960, Hennery James Moore. He went by James, like his father and his father’s father before him. James was a seventh son of a seventh son. This was the first clue to James being an anomaly. All his life his mother told him fantastic stories about the great history and destiny of a seventh son in different cultures. Supposedly they were special- some having powers that normal humans didn’t possesses. She only thought they were bedtime stories.

James was 12 the 4th time he should have been dead. He could remember all the way back to the first time, underwater, lungs burning- that he held his breath and was able to wait almost 5 minutes until he was rescued. At the time he did not know that what he had done was uncommon, he just knew he needed to hold his breath- and so he did. By 12- something had started to bloom in his psyche- a question. One question that catapulted him into an unbelievable future. Who was he?

Most children do not question their own identity- or even realize how important an instilled identity is. They go through life, the child of a preacher, banker, or janitor. Feeling loved. Feeling unloved. Growing tall, fat, or skinny- their identities developing until in adulthood they look backwards and try to find meaning. Try to understand why they drink, hate pizza, or cringe when they see the color green.

James was doing something unconventional for a kid of 12. He was not only looking towards the future- he was looking inwards- and what he saw- mystified him and even scared him.

In his room late at night he found he could lay so still, so quietly that he could make his heart stop beating. He began outrunning his friends on the playground simply by deciding to. He asked his mother if she could make herself do odd things by concentrating and she said ‘you’re just so smart baby- that’s all. I got me a smart baby boy!’

It was on his 12th birthday that he received a device that would change his life. A transistor radio. Like any kid, he enjoyed listening to his music, but late at night, alone in his room, he would turn it to the AM stations that were nothing but fuzz- and that’s where he realized something bigger. Bigger than the world he previously knew was calling to him. To anyone else it sounded like far away whispers broken with static. Irritating to most- But James had a knack for deciphering the background noise- it was like a running dialog of everything around him. A symphony of life being broadcasted to him through his radio. Each fraction of a twist of the knob seemed to either zoom in or zoom out of his location. The more tuned in he was- he could swear it was his own heart beat- and as he zoomed out, he started to understand he was hearing into other people’s lives, down the street- or even across the state.

Feeling different from everyone else, not understanding why he was different caused James to start pushing people away. His mother was afraid he was into drugs and by the age of 16, James was failing in school- despite knowing more than his teachers. He played no sports and had only 1 friend. A neighbor girl that let him kiss her when they were alone after school, while he listened to the radio.

It was during one of these make out sessions that James heard a different noise through the radio. His female friend only heard the music- but behind the music, James could hear a fight- a struggle between a man and a woman. James twisted the dial to his radio and could focus on other noises- a car going past, a basketball being bounced- and then a horn. He heard the horn from his house also- west of his home.

James jumped up and ran down the street- not knowing what he would find- if anything, and there at the end of his street was a man and woman shouting in the yard- the man was obviously drunk and angry. James recognized the woman as one of his mom’s friends. He slowly walked up, took the lady by the shoulders and led her back to his house. When he made sure she had calmed down he went to his room. His heart felt overwhelmed. He had helped someone. His weird abnormality had helped another person- and he had done something important.

It was that very night that everything changed. He was on his way to falling asleep with the radio on his favorite fuzz station- his neighbor girl’s bedroom- when something new broke in.

‘Moore. Moore, can you hear me? I’ve been watching you…’

James was so astounded that he reactively hit the power button. It took him a full 5 minutes before he mustered up the courage to turn the radio back on, and when he did, the voice was still there, calling to him. The voice said he looked for others that knew there was more to this world than everyone else did. He said there was a group of 6 and they wanted to meet him.

James didn’t want to meet with these people. He started thinking wild thoughts- could these be aliens? Were they demons? Was he crazy- should he pray for the voices to leave and throw away his radio? He pondered over this for weeks, listening every night as this person who called himself ‘the watchman’ persuaded him to meet and he would explain everything.

‘I know why you’re different James. I know why you can hear me right now- why ‘the matrix’ can’t hold you back. It’s time for you to know too. Come. Meet with us and we will show you ‘the matrix’.

We will take you to… ‘The Oracle.’”


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