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There's nothing better than coming home after a long day of work, slipping into a bubble bath, lighting some candles, maybe sipping on a glass of wine, talking to a demon friend...wait, what?

You heard me right. I said talking to a demon. If you've ever wanted to communicate with those on the other side, Periscope made it a reality.

For those of you that don't know Periscope, (it's okay, I didn't either) it's a really awesome app where you can connect yourself with people around the world. You watch a live feed of whatever they're doing, like cooking breakfast in Italy, riding on a yacht on Long Island, doing backflips in the middle of a field in Belize, you name it.

Tonight, Periscope paired up with the geniuses behind the new Poltergeist "remake", coming out this month to create a horrifying experience where you could talk to an entity on "the other side".

View of the Poltergeist...
View of the Poltergeist...

That's just a hint of what was going on when I logged in. Once you log in (connected with Twitter), this "paranormal entity" knows your name and can address you when you view it live. I got "we've been waiting for your, Taylor Terrible" once, and the second time I checked it out, I got "there's no going back, Taylor, you're on the other side now."

I'm actually watching it as I write this, and every once in a while it taps on the screen and shows clips from the new film (which looks horrifying).

For those of you that haven't seen the new trailer:

For these two forces to pair up was a really cool experience! It's an interactive way to get excited for the film. You're completely immersed in this poltergeist who knows your name, talking to you...and then he throws in some never-before-seen clips from the film...all in all it was a night well spent.

Download Periscope in the app store!

Poltergeist hits theaters on May 22nd. See you there, creepy crawlies.


Will you be going to see Poltergeist?


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