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I have to confess something. I still love Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I can't be the only one. May 20th marked 12 years since her last adventure. I mean It had it all before america knew they wanted it. Vampire romances, Zombies and werewolves it was all there before it was popular to have them. Joss Whedon gave us a wonderful dark playground and it was a big hit. So it begs the question if The Vampire Diaries gets a spin off why not Buffy? And FYI the comic books just don't help. I mean it seems that Star trek gets a spin off every other year but why not give a chance to a whole universe that's just not ready to go to bed yet? BTVS needs a new spin off and it's my job to convince you so without further ado I give you "Slayers" and tell you how I would do it.....

The Location:

I know that we've all been told that High School can be evil only at Hartford School for the Privileged that just might be the case. In this hundred year old over priced private boarding school for the wealthy nestled in the heart of Avery California a short 18 miles from the Crater that was Sunnydale. Where the faculty acts just a bit off. There are cold spots on the floor and while on detention you find that someone has vandalized your second hand text book with the words "Mr. Cameron is a Werewolf," in something that looks remarkably like blood. That's the kind of place Hartford is. Just plan creepy.

The Premise:

After being shut down last year over a string of grisly murders ending with the murder of a Hartford student the school is reopening. Sara Danvers an overachiever and a bit of a troublemaker was found crucified by wooden stakes threw her arms and legs during prom. She was an untrained Slayer being directed by a Watcher banished by the Council for his unsafe magical practices. To the Watchers Council, John Granix alone is to blame for Sara's death. Hartford is very selective on who they invite to join there student body but as a gesture of goodwill or a slap in the face they extend an invitation to Layel Danvers, Sara's younger sister to attend. An invitation they were sure she would doubtlessly deny.

New this season:

The Corpse Brigade:

A hunting club put together by key members of the watchers council of the late 1700's. It was conceived to entertain and enlighten a group who sole purpose was to observe. Just to be destroyed 70 years later by the same council who conceived them. Only to find in recent days that they might not be as dead as once thought.

The Order:

The weaponized hand of the church put together during the great purge. A dark time when man had turned on magic and all demons. Though not all evil. Many innocent lives were lost.

The Cast:

Please understand that my casting is extremely flexible I only want to give you a visual representation for dramatic purposes.

Layel Danvers: Slayer

Layel blames John Granix for Sara's death and arrives at school having started her own training. Being a natural gymnast self defense comes way to easy. As she finds that Granix too is in morning over Sara's death. What's a girl to do?

Anna Sophia Robb as Layel Danvers
Anna Sophia Robb as Layel Danvers

Brief History:

Layel Danvers was a bit of a daddy's girl. She excelled at dance, was a bronze gymnast and enrolled in theater at Stonebrook a Private Junior high for girls. It really seemed that everything she tried or touched turn to gold. She received a free ride letter from the respected Chapman Academy just a year and a half into Stone. It would seem that life was smiling upon young Layel when something changed. She began having dreams. Really Bad dreams mostly about her older sister Sara. She had Enrolled at Hartford a private school with a somewhat questionable history but impeccable credibly. Being very close Sara had almost begged Layel into enrolling for next year to no avail. Layel had her life planned out and would not give up her prized life for something so very alien. The dreams continued keeping her up at nights and found there way creeping in as visions during the day. Always about Sara fighting demons, monsters and Vampires. A darkness she could not understand come the light of day. She spoke about it only to John Granix. A teacher friend of Sara's who swore to keep her safe. Nearing the end of the school year the dreams did begin to ease up. Just as her life slowly returned to normal again. Things had become gold all over again. Then the phone rang.... Sara was gone.

John Granix: Rouge Watcher

Needless to say John is devastated by Sara's death and has turned to drinking. A lot. How could he have been so wrong? Sara's was a Slayer without direction and he a former Watcher without a Slayer. It seemed so perfect but he was wrong.

Hugh Laurie As John Granix
Hugh Laurie As John Granix

Brief History: Do you know what a Locurd Is? It’s a demon with a void in it’s core, when it opens it’s mouth the intake is so strong it can pull a soul right out of a body, even time. The void must be filled right? That's just Physics. Yeah all that and put together like a Mack truck. And he had two of ‘em. He asks me How bad do I want in? I light a fag and wager my wife Dinah’s life. She’s angry. The first demon hits me like a runaway bus. My cheek bone caves and I see spots. I guess he accepts. I run and it takes a minute till I know where. As soon as the whole world stops spinning the 2ed Demon hits me. Right in the ribs. I feel one give way just a hair. More worried about what he did internally. I fall into the entrance of the Tube. And they just stand there. Here’s an insight, Locurds don’t like sub levels. I guess they figure as demons they’ve spent all the time they had to underground. Now where was I? Okay, I patch what I can and take the train up to Parliament. There on me like lint the moment I step out. One knocks me down the other brakes my left hand. There goes half my spells. I run to the gate of the embassy. No one’s home but this is far enough. I turn and hit them with fire just to piss them off. One of them slams me threw the gate. Even better! I vomit like half a gallon of blood. As the things takes me close. And opens up. They don’t know what hits ’em. All they know is that they can’t stop feeding. Know your history kids! Few hundred years ago the land in front of this great house of government was a grave yard. For the thousands hung for there crimes. They even opened it up for some killed in WWII. Point is. Demon’s went boom! The Newly reopened Corpse Brigade lets me in and Dinah divorced me. It's a win, win the way I see it.

Daniel Carpenter: Knight of the Order

Daniel is the son of Macal who trained by the order to take the place apart. He befriends Layel, Thomas and Honor under the pretense that they help him on his crusade.

Dave Franco as Daniel Carpenter
Dave Franco as Daniel Carpenter

Brief History: "Some will never know war while others are born to it."

It all started with a single gunshot to the head. Pregnant, Ellen Pool had fatally wounded herself in the center of bustling Rome. At “Santo Spirito,” in Sassia. Medical technicians fought to save the life of her and her unborn. Just as a group of armed Jesuit warriors force there way into the room. At gunpoint they took Ellen’s baby boy. Then shot her so she could not be echoed. They exited as sudden as then had appeared. For a few moments the group breathed a sigh of relief as thunderous sounds came from all around them. The hospital began to shake as smoke filled the room. Most the group ran for the door. In a blink the whole ward was filled with snarling horse like beasts. There eyes were voids of emptiness and in there mouths where tongues ablaze. Every beast had a rider. Before the body of Ellen Pool one dismounted and removed a spiral horned helmet. Sam Shepherd a third year resident stayed as all others ran. “This is no monster,” thought Sam. “Just a man.” Macal looked down at his former lover. “Coppertongue!” he called. As a charm untwisted itself from Ellen’s necklace. From the golden form a voice came. “Rogue Order members took the child And filled her with prayer so she would not be raised.” The figure then ran up its masters arm disappearing into his armor. Macal then turn in anger towards his audience of one. Sam’s time had come. “Mercy sir!” He cried out. As Macal froze in his actions. Ellen’s abdomen began to move faintly. Using a knife the size of a forearm Macal cut the child free. A baby girl not even half the side of her Twin. Mostly dead. If left here she would surely have died. “Very well then.” Macal Started for his mount. “Come Mercy, we need to find your brother."

Daniel was raised by members of The Order. He was trained and sent to destroy his fathers work at Hartford "school for the Damned."

Honor Cameron: Werewolf

Honor has returned to Hartford to avenge her father who was killed by the Slayer of Hartford. She shows up to find only one Slayer at Hartford... Layel Danvers. As a wolf she is extremely driven by her emotions.

Elizabeth Gillies as Honor Cameron
Elizabeth Gillies as Honor Cameron

Brief History: Belinda Cameron was a common young woman, Living a uncommon life. Her days were filled with endless encounters with the strange. When a half dead man turns up on her door step. The man was dressed in a costume of a Union solider from the 1800's. Not to strange in this city so near carnival. Only they looked like they might be that old. So after turning a blind eye and patching his hurt the man “Victor” was hired as an extra hand at the small school where she was employed. After numerous drawn out glances and long walks Linda found herself falling in love with Victor. He took little interest if any and at times seemed distant. A rash of grizzly unsolved murders commanded all his attention. Then he was gone. Leaving little explanation and a pregnant Belinda. Four mouths later she received a post from Victor asking forgiveness for his actions. A promise that he would make things right. And a half explanation saying that he left for reasons of honor.

Angry, and not believing a word of it Belinda names their child Honor… She never saw him again.

Thomas Decker: Rouge Vampire Hunter

Thomas Decker is a mess. Doing all he can not to get kicked out of school while lets just say maintaining an unhealthy Vampire slaying addiction. He feel that every kill get's him closer to Reeser and his brother. He's also Daniel's roommate.

Thomas Dekker as Thomas Decker
Thomas Dekker as Thomas Decker

Brief History: "Whoever said Forgiveness is divine obviously got over whatever was done to him." It’s been years since I lost Shawn and I still haven’t dealt with it. He’s not dead. No, death I can handle. He’s just gone. When we were in Junior High me and my crew were into the occult. Demon, Vampires and stuff. And Shawn just tagged along after us. I hated that. I told him to get out of my face, to get a life. But he just kept following after us. Our unwanted mascot they joked, poking fun at the situation. What’s a guy to do? One day I met a girl named Zeya who told me she knew a real Vampire. So I gathered the guys and went wherever she would lead us. Turns out Vampires traded in there castles for slums. Introduced me to Reeser a 243 year old vamp, or so he claimed. He proved his authenticity with a single act. Showing us his true face. Everyone ran, I was getting ready to bolt to till I noticed Shawn wasn't running. “This is what we've been looking for.” I wasn't about to tell him that I never imagined it could be real. “This is the deal.” I told the vamp. “Give us immortality, and we will serve you.” It sounded cooler in my head. “I have a better Idea.” He hit me and everything went black. I woke up lightheaded. The Guys who ran had been murdered and Shawn was gone. I couldn't believe it. I would spend the next few years looking for him. I have to stop the monster I’m responsible for. So I followed their trail to Hartford.

Winter Robbins: The Cheerleader

Because no Scooby gang would be complete without there Cordelia. Winter is difficult at best but knows the school well. She knows every click and she knows everybody's business.

Marie Avgeropoulos as Winter Robbins
Marie Avgeropoulos as Winter Robbins

Brief History: I am no one of any great measure. I've no magic or power to speak of. I'm not a slayer or demon. I'm just, you know. Normal. So that being said one evening John Granix a watcher and mentor to us all leans over to me and tells me I'm going to die. That I should leave the only real friends/family I've ever known. And run for dear life. He called me a hole, a bleeding wound. A weakness. That if I honored what they fought for I should just disappear. I thought about it alot. I'm beautiful but it wasn't always so. When I started school I was shy and kinda chunky. I would never look boys in the eye or anyone for that matter. But I was clever and worked hard. Till the day I figured out the pecking order of things. pretty girls can be dumb as rocks and still be popular. They cry to an audience of two to six. And I've always cried alone. It's then that I decided that I would rather make the mess then be the one forced to clean it up. That day I pretty much stopped eatting and money was never an issue so a family physician agreed to an illegal touch up here and there. I was turning heads in less then a year and passing classes on others work. I had done it. I was popular, I stood out. Whether a bitch or a fantasy everyone knew my name. And I thought that was enough till I met my friends, till Granix shattered my whole world. I am going to die or lose everything for taking shortcuts. Only I don't see myself leaving my new life. And I'd rather die as I am then live as I was. So it's time to take arms to fight for what I hold precious. And just pray that John was wrong.

Rayford Preston: Headmaster at Hartford / Dark warlock

Rayford is as dark as anyone can go but it wasn't always that way. He was a boy once attending Hartford when he discovered he knew the heart of the school. He could always tell what it wanted. And using this knowledge wrenched the school away from The Hand of Omega and the leader Macal. He is the big bad of season one and creator of The Ring a circle of protectors over the school.

Julian Mcmahon "I freaking love this guy."
Julian Mcmahon "I freaking love this guy."

Brief History: After tearing himself away from The Hands of Omega Ray’s order over the school was absolute. Along side with The Renegade Attar, he began to track down rogue Hand members still in hiding. While his pet Manah kept Avery’s Echoes in check with Godlike dominance. In his unending search for Macal. Ray followed leads that lead to Madrid. Where he encountered Eloise Hawkins, they fought till sunrise. “No man can be master to both good and evil, there will come others.” She told him. Then he killed her. Or so he thought. Finally returning to his beloved Hartford Ray pondered Hawkins’s last words to him. Understand that Rayford truly knew the heart of the School, and knew that it was never really happy till there was trouble. In the form of others. Outsiders who in the end always tried to take him out of power. One year a woman named Nina Deer came to teach at the school. She was smart, witty, beautiful. A plant by The Order no doubt. But Rayford was enchanted by her. Haunted. He thought if he could get her to stay Hartford could finally be at peace. That he too, would find peace. So he wooed her, and a romance ensued. He thought her secrets of the school and she showed him forgiveness. Gave him peace. Ray was ready to leave it all behind, if it meant that they would be together. He’d never get that chance. Two years into there relationship Deer left the school without warring. Rayford was crushed and in his sorrow he neglected Hartford. Order fell away from the school. Then one night a year later two Assassins came knowing all to well secrets Ray thought hidden. In his fury Ray killed the 1st, but the 2nd defeated him. It was Nina and she meant to behead him. When she fell into his arms stabbed by her accomplices’ weapon. A mere Man had saved him, a science teacher at the school. Ray then put together The Ring. So that order would never again be lost at Hartford.

And that's just a start I have ton's of stuff left over from my role playing campaign. As a final note all the stories are originals works from yours truly except Granix's history witch I worked a story from Constantine into it. Because who doesn't want John Constantine in there Scooby Gang? Anyway same as always I would love to hear any feedback. Or if you'd like to talk Buffy I'm always open. Thanks a lot for reading my Frankenstein creation.


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