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Everyone knows the three fairies from Sleeping beauty, but there is a lot they don't know about those three. Let's go back, about three days before Aurora's party. The three are sitting around a round table with.... Maleficent? That's right. Because these three are not as good as they appeared to be.

"We want her for ourselves," Merriweather says. “That can easily be arranged. They’re not going to invite me, thanks to my hard earned reputation, so I’ll just show up and put a curse on her,” Maleficent smiles wickedly. Flora thinks about it for a moment. “Show up about five minutes after we do. That should give me and Fauna enough time to give her our gifts. Put a killing curse on her. Merriweather’s gift can be turning it from death to sleep, since our magic can only bring happiness,” she says, almost bitterly. “I told you, you should have gone for black magic when you still had the time to choose,” she laughs. Flora glares at her and one couldn’t cut the tension in the air it was so thick.

Maleficent stands and in a puff of purple smoke, was gone. The three look at each other. “She’s right Fauna says. “Yeah? Why don’t you go live with her then?” Flora asks harshly. “I would if we didn’t have a reputation as goody-goody two shoes, and our magic would allow it” Merriweather mumbles. Flora snorts. “Please, we all know that her reputation as evil is purely image,” she says. She heaves a sigh. “Merriweather, don’t forget about Cinderella. Her ball is tonight,” she says. Merriweather groans. “Yeah, okay,” she mumbles. “And Fauna, Peter is looking for you I’m sure,” I smirk at her as she blushes. Everyone knows about her crush. The three disappear into a cloud of smoke.

A dark figure approaches the castle. She flies up to the newborn princess’s room. She watches until the nurse maid leaves. The window opens silently and she goes in. She walks over to the infant, whose eyes are wide open. She removes the heavy hood concealing her face. Maleficent looks down at the small child. Her hair is long and dark, and her eyes are other worldly blue. “You could be a great black fairy,” she says softly. She can see why the three fairies wanted her. Her magic flowed right from her very existence. The baby starts to cry, she’s hungry. Maleficent puts her hood up and rushes out the room.

The next three days pass in a blur. The people in the castle prepping for the feast, the four fairies perfecting their plans, all for the baby. Soon the big day arrives. When Maleficent arrives to place her curse, she looks at the baby. She’s shocked to find her hair golden, and her other worldly eyes, have been brought down to Earth, and her magic, was gone. Furious, she makes her curse harsher than she had originally planned. Of course, Merriweather softens the blow.

Years later, she tries to find the girl again. She talks to Flora, trying to get her to remove her gift of beauty. Of course, she refuses. Everything that happens after that leads to Aurora returning home. The three fairies hate Maleficent after that.


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