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This a prequel story to the Dc Animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood. The story briefly explores the experience of Jason Todd prior to his return to Gotham after five years of presuming to be dead. For those who haven't seen the film, there is clip below which you can watch.

Unable to walk, Jason uses every last strength in his body to drag himself across the room and to the door. His body aches. No strength in his legs. The pain unbearable with every move he makes. But he has to reach the end of the door, he cannot allow his body to give in. Yes, he's at the door. He reaches the door only to discover that he has been trapped inside. Damn him. He sits up with his back against the door. The pain is to much to ignore. He can hardly breathe. "Where are you Bruce?" He stares a the time left on joker's bomb. 9 seconds left, its hopeless.

Jason awakens in horror from inside the Lazarus Pit. He's confused and can't remember a thing. He doesn't know who he is or where he is, but his instincts are to attack the strange men surrounding. Like a mad man he attacks and jumps off the edge of the mountain and into the water, vanishing from sight.

He washes up on shore, slowly regaining his sanity. Everything comes right back to him in a flash. His childhood, his first meeting with Batman, becoming Robin, and being killed by Joker. The memories come in a sudden instant that it fills his head with pain which he can't help but express with shouts of torment. Moments later he sees the wet bandages wrapped around him and thinks, "He didn't save me." Hurt and full of rage, Jason makes a vow to grow stronger and rid the world of evil such as the Joker. With this in mind, Jason begins his journey, as he gets on his feet and begins to walk without knowing what lies ahead of him.

Eventually Jason reaches a city. It is still dark and the sun has not yet risen. Attempting to avoid being noticed, he lurks through the dark and travels through roof tops. Suddenly he hears a shriek coming from a woman who is being mugged. A sadistic man is cornering a woman and her child as he threatens her with a sharp blade. Suddenly Jason emerges from the dark and calls on to the man, "Preying on the defenseless, how more pathetic can you be?" The man turns around and is instantly shocked at the sight of Jason, bruised and wrapped in bandages. "Wha... what the hell are you suppose to be?" the man finally manages to say.

Without wasting any more time, Jason punches the man straight into the ground. The man gets on his feet and swishes his blade at Jason but Jason dodges every movement with ease. Jason grabs a hold of the criminal's arm and dislocates it with his elbow. The man falls onto the ground and screams helplessly in pain. The woman and child, horrified by the violent sight, run off to safety. Unable to help himself, Jason begins to violently beat the man. During this moment, he is haunted by the memories of Joker hitting him with a crowbar, which only fuels his rage. Jason then gets a hold of himself, leaving the man weaken on the ground and unable to speak. Left with his face covered in blood. He searches the man's pocket and finds a loaded piece.

Jason aims the gun at the man as the man begs for his life. Jason coldly stares at the man and remark, "If I wasn't here, I have no doubt you would've killed that woman and leave that child motherless. Or maybe you would've killed the child instead and steal him from the life he has yet to experience. Hell, you might have as well just killed them both. And for what? A few dollars which she probably uses to feed her kid! Not so long ago I would've spared you, no matter how much you deserved to pay for your sins. But today I am a whole new man who will rid the world of garbage like you. I can't say I won't enjoy this." He clocks the gun and stares into the crook's eyes. Bam.

Jason stands over the lifeless body of the crook, conflicted. Batman's teaching running through his conscience. But after a few moments he puts on the clothes that had belonged to the man he had just killed. To Jason this wasn't cold blooded murder, this was justice. He then sets off and engages in a line of mercenary work for criminal organizations in various cities, and is paid handsomely. With his gains, he sets off to travel the world to strengthen his skills and acquire new ones in order to rival those of Batman.

Along his journey he works with a variety off assassins and mercenary groups as well former military men who sharpen his skills in lethal combat and weaponry. He even leads his own team of mercenaries to fund for his travels and sources. However, upon learning the sins of his trainers and acquaintances, Jason successfully eliminates those who he finds no longer useful to him.

Years pass by and Jason is now a fully grown man and has taken residence in a hidden liar with his companion Vik, a young Russian prodigy who specializes in tech and bomb making. Jason is adjusting his weapons as Vik approaches him. "Well, is today the day you return home?" Vik asks. "Yeah," Jason responds, "My sources confirmed my suspicions. The clown prince continues to breathe behind the doors of Arkham. For now."

Jason is preparing to put the plan he has spent the last years to develop in motion. He puts on his armor, prepares his gadgets and covers himself with a jacket. "I have to ask. Why the Red Hood?" Vik asks. Jason responds, "It's a symbol, a reminder of an old friend's of biggest failure."

Jason grabs a bag and heads out of the door but not before pausing and saying one last thing to Vik, "You've been a good friend Vik. You really are brilliant. But know that if you were to ever use that brilliance for cruel intentions, just remember that I won't hesitate to come after you." Vik nods his head nervously. Jason has left an impression on him, and is not willing to get on his bad side.

It is now nighttime, and Jason is on a rooftop as he watches all of Gotham. As stares at city lights of the city as he reminisces his years as Robin.

Just then the bat-signal shines at the night sky. Jason smiles as he puts on a red mask.

"See you soon, Bruce."


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