ByCorey Simmons, writer at
Corey Simmons

So, I was just sitting here enjoying and occasionally laughing at some of The Big Bang Theory when all of a sudden..BAM! I'm blindsided by Leonard cheating on Penny, Amy needs some time and Sheldon bought a whaaat?!?

(Spoiler Alert) Sheldon had bought Amy a ring? Wow, BBT writers are really forcing maturity on Sheldon. In this season alone, he has started kissing Amy, having make out sessions and apparently planning on marrying her. Now I don't mind this and did expect it at some point ( come on, we all know Sheldon bought that ring the day she became his girlfriend, just because it's the social convention), but it does seem a little rushed. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here.

Ok, Leonard cheated on Penny. Now other than the fact that it is completely against his character's personality, it seems to this watcher, a glaring attempt to throw one last wrinkle in the love cluster fudge that is Pennard. I hope they move on from this quick but something tells me it's going to linger. Ehhh

Here's looking forward to next Thursday....I guess


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